I Can't Save You: A Poem

Hello, lovelies!

Today I have a poem to share with you. I was pretty much struck all at once with inspiration yesterday, and the rest is history. So I hope you enjoy it, and if you'd like to give feedback then feel free to leave me a comment. (:

* * *

"I Can't Save You."

I can't save you.

It's not that I don't want to---
Believe me, that's not it at all.
I'm watching you drown,
My feet held captive in the sand.
But my hands can't reach far enough,
And my legs can't run fast enough
To pull you back from the waves.

I can't save you.

It's not that I'm not trying---
Believe me, that's not it at all.
I can see you trapped in this maze,
My hands pounding on the glass.
But my voice can't yell loud enough,
And my mind can't process quick enough
To help you escape from the haze.

I can't save you.

It's not that I've given up---
Believe me, that's not it at all.
I can feel your longing to be free;
My heart is aching in my chest.
But my lips can't speak words strong enough,
And my song can't soar high enough
To take you from this place.

I can't save you---
But I know someone who can.

You're strong and smart and brave and kind,
And you've never been anything less.
I'll walk by you and lift you up,
And my eyes will steady you home.
Your feet will run there sure enough,
And your hands won't shake anymore.
You'll leave your fear,
And I'll be right here,
To help you find your light.

I can't save you.
But you can save yourself.

* * *

That is all.



  1. I know that feeling. Thank you, for sharing that.


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