Excerpts From A Book I'll Never Write

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Today's post was inspired by some things I've seen on Twitter and Pinterest, and I thought I'd do my own twist on those snippets here. If the title confuses you, don't worry. It'll make more sense in a moment. Basically these are a collection of snapshots of things I've learned from my own life, but instead of getting the full story, you'll just see a snapshot.

All of these little fragments could definitely be a part of a much larger book if I chose to write it, but these are all things that I will never turn into a full length story. They're excerpts, and that's where they'll stay.

* * *

"I never knew how different blue eyes could be until I looked from his to yours. Where his remind me now of barren skies and frigid winters alone, yours speak nothing but spring."
- I wonder if you ever noticed too.

"No one ever starts out by telling you that insecurity doesn't even have to appear in your life, or that it doesn't have to be a given if you fight hard enough to love yourself. They start by telling you it's okay to not like parts of yourself, and I wonder if that's why we normalize everyone hating their bodies."
- Maybe there's no good answer.

"The thing about butterflies is that I don't think it's a sign you love someone. I think you know you love someone when the sight of that person calms those butterflies down."
- The difference between liking and loving

"'Beauty is pain' is a quote I wish I never heard. Squeezing yourself into a tight dress or wobbling around in heels because that's the only way society will accept you is not beauty. It's suffering with a glittery topcoat."
- Don't confuse salt and sugar

"We don't choose who we are to start, but we can choose who we'll be."
- Make a decision

"Even the calmest person can turn into a storm."
- Keep an eye on the weather

"And suddenly you'll reach a point in your life where your parents aren't always right and your friends make stupid choices that you won't understand. It's at this point where you have to either try to steer your own course alongside them or completely jump ship."
- Growing up

"Hearts are fragile and strong all at once. People too."
- It's okay to be a glass cannon

"My hands are shaking and there's tears in my eyes; my breaths are strangled and uneven. My silent assailant comes again, and my hands scrabble to break free from something I can't even see. Every time I think I've beaten it and reigned victorious, it knocks the crown from my head."
- It's name is anxiety

"For just a moment, the sky lights itself on fire, and suddenly my eyes get lost in the flames that dance across the surface of the water."
- Sunsets

"I always hated my hands, so maybe that's why I was so entranced when yours made music."
- Play us a song, piano man

* * *

That is all.



  1. YES YES YES, Seana!

    These are poetic, and harsh and simultaneously beautiful.

    I love the first one, about the eyes, and the one about the butterflies and the glass cannon, particularly.

    If you decided to one day change the title to ' Excerpts from a Book I did End Up Writing', I'd buy it (if you get what I mean).

    1. Thanks so much, Steph! I thought the concept was really cool, and I'm glad you enjoyed reading. (: Maybe someday I'll write a poetry book, who knows?

  2. These are EPIC! I understand that sometimes you just can't write that book, but if you ever do....

    1. Thank you! If I do end up writing something, I'll let you know. (:


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