#AskSeana (#8): Guilty Pleasures, Ice Cream, and Time Travel

Hello, lovelies!

First things first, I'm SO sorry that this post didn't make it up on Tuesday. It's been a very hectic week with Showcase coming up next weekend (which is the biggest concert/performance the singing group I'm a part of does), and I've got a lot of research papers and presentations to write up as well.

Excuses aside, I just want to say a BIG BIG thank you for everyone who sent in a question. I was honestly not expecting to have so many of you email me and DM me on Twitter, but all of you were so lovely and sweet when writing me. You are the ones who make blogging so worthwhile. (:

So without further ado, here we go!

* * *

Who is your celebrity crush? P.S. I LOVE your blog!

Aw, thanks so much! I'm so glad you like it. Anyway, my celebrity crush is definitely Eddie Redmayne. I first saw him in the Les Miserables movie, and I just thought he was so adorable and sweet (although maybe part of that was because he was playing the part of Marius). I've yet to see Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them, and I also really want to see The Theory of Everything that he's in as well.

What's your biggest dating deal-breaker?

It took me a little bit to think about this one, but I've decided now. If I ever see a guy being rude or disrespectful towards their mother or a teacher, that's an immediate turn off for me. I don't care what kind of day you're having, it is NOT okay to take that out on another person, and it's equally not okay to treat people like trash. Even if I loved them to the moon and back, being a mean person is something I will not tolerate.

Hey, Sea! Do you have a guilty pleasure?

Cooking shows.

I don't know what it is about them that I like so much, but I've always loved watching people just whip things up in the kitchen and then, through the magic of editing, make a cake appear.

Do you have names picked out for your future kids? (Mine are Ella and Shawn.)

I'm not someone who's had a certain name picked out for their future kids since I was little, but I do have a couple names that I like. Right now I think Miriam is a pretty name for a little girl, and I've always liked James or Michael for a boy.

When did you start wearing makeup/do you think there's a certain age where it's okay to wear it?

I started wearing when I was in 8th grade (around age 13 or 14 for those of you who aren't familiar with the American school system). It was very simple, just mascara and lip gloss on a daily basis, and maybe a smidge of eyeshadow if I wanted to feel fancy.

Personally, I think you should wait until the end of middle school into early high school before wearing makeup for the first time just because I feel like if you start too early, you don't have the mental willpower to maintain a good sense of self. What I mean by that is most younger girls don't have a solid self-esteem, and makeup can sometimes trick girls into thinking they need it to be pretty. Once you realize that makeup is fun rather than a necessity, then I think you're in a healthy spot.

Favorite color?

My favorite color right now is burgundy, but I also still love royal blue and darker shades of blue as well.

Who's your current favorite YouTuber(s)?

As far as makeup-related things go, Samantha Jane (left) and Jackie Wyers (right) have been some of my favorite YouTubers recently. Samantha is just so sweet and cheerful in her videos, and I love how open she is about everything. Jackie's tutorials are always so creative and amazing, and she puts a ton of effort into them which I think is so cool.

Kayley Melissa is one of THE most talented hairstylists I've ever seen, and her styles are also really easy to do on yourself which I like. She also caters to both long and short hair, which is so nice since I cut my hair a while ago and long side braids aren't really an option for my medium-length hair.

Rosanna Pansino is probably the most adorable person to ever exist. She has a baking channel that she calls Nerdy Nummies, and she's always making video game and movie-related cakes and desserts, and the amount of work that goes into the final project is amazing. Also, she's extremely short, so it's fun to see her have really tall guests come and bake with her sometimes.

Of course, Rhett and Link's channel, Good Mythical Morning, is still a favorite of mine. They upload videos every weekday in the morning, so I like to have their daily episode play in the background while I get ready for the day. They always do super random and hilarious videos, and it's always cool to see them push the limits and think outside the box.

Dan and Phil have their own channels along with a combined gaming one, and they never fail to make me laugh. They're both just so weird and crazy, and I think it's so cool that they're best friends and just get to hang out all the time and make videos for their jobs.

If u had to choose a favorite ice cream flavor what would it be? i think moose tracks is the best one!

I'm actually basically lactose intolerant, so ice cream has been off my menu for a while now, but I've always been a big fan of mint chocolate chip.

What advice would you give to your younger self?

"Get over yourself."

And I mean this in the nicest way possible. Younger me definitely thought people cared WAY more about what she was doing than they really did, and I think she also liked attention way too much for her own good. I've learned now that being kind in all situations is so much more important than what other people are doing or what I think is going to benefit me the most.

Hi seana! So cool that you're doing a Q&A. What's your favorite thing to do in the spring?

I love wearing flowy dresses in the spring, and on really nice days I just think it's so fun to twirl in them. I also love to just pick wildflowers in the spring and bring bouquets of them inside to have on my desk while I work or on my vanity so I can see them when I'm getting ready in the morning.

If you were to write a letter, who would you write it to, and why?

I think it would be really interesting to write a letter to every single person I've ever called my best friend. I had a best friend when I was five, and I have best friends now, but I would just love to write my old friends and just see what they're doing now. Are they getting ready for college too? Have they gone to travel the world? Do they remember me? Even if they've forgotten me, I think it would be so fun to just have a huge catch up session via handwritten letters.

Do you have any tips for new bloggers?

You are not going to be perfect. It takes time to find your niche in the blogging world, and it takes time to figure out your style. Don't push yourself too hard, and just do the best that you can; that's what we're all doing. (:

Would you rather be able to live in the past for a week or in the future for a week?

I blame Disney for my love of castles and ballgowns, so I would definitely want to head into the past for a little bit for that reason. But on the other hand, I think it would also be so cool to travel to the future and see if they figured out teleportation yet (because then getting to school would be 10x easier).

* * *


I hope you enjoyed this little Q&A session, and as always, you can continue to send me questions whenever you'd like (I usually tuck them away until I have enough for a full post). (:

That is all.



  1. Lovely post Seana!

    The question I found very interesting was "If you were to write a letter, who would you write it to, and why?". I think your answer is unique and refreshing. I'd love to write a letter to all my old best friends and reflect on what went wrong and what went wrong, ponder the good times (and the bad) and rejoice in how we made it through and how I learnt from them.

    That last question is a really interesting one too!


    1. Thank you!

      Someday I'd love to reconnect with old friends and see what's new. (: I'm glad this question was a part of the ones that go sent in.

  2. Reading these answers made me know you a bit better! They were very intersting, and I agree with you and Steph that sometimes I wish I could meet my old friends and have a deep talk about our friendship...

    1. I'm glad you enjoyed reading! (: You could always just send out a little message on Facebook or something to say hi to old friends. Maybe it'll spark your friendship again.


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