Hello, lovelies!

I just wanted to make a really quick post today to let you know that my next #AskSeana WILL be up this coming Tuesday! (I'm liking my Tuesday/Friday schedule, by the way, so expect posts on those days every week if all goes well.) I generally just hang on to questions that filter in slowly and then post when I have a healthy amount of them, but I figured I'd try doing them this way and see what happens.

**** These Q&A posts are COMPLETELY anonymous, so feel free to ask me personal questions or things that you've been wondering for a while and just want my input on. ****

To ask me a question, you can leave an anonymous comment below, DM me on Twitter, or send me an email. (The only thing I'd ask that you refrain from doing is commenting on my personal Instagram account, because that might be a little hard to explain to my school friends who follow me, haha.)

I look forward to hearing from you!

That is all.



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