#LoveMe Challenge | Day 24

Hello, lovelies!

My post-wisdom-teeth experience has been pretty good so far, and my chubby chipmunk cheeks have definitely started to go down, which is nice. Also, thanks SO much for all your sweet messages and comments on these posts; they mean the world to me.

* * *

What Makes You Happy?

(This post is going to be less chatty and more list-y, because I just have so many things that make me happy on a daily basis.)

- Springtime
- Pretty shoes
- Puppies
- Coffees with hearts made in the froth on top
- The smell of books
- A well-placed pun
- Dark chocolate
- Cozy sweaters
- Rainstorms
- Rooms with super tall windows
- Fun socks (my Eeyore ones are my favorite)
- Sunsets
- Bunnies
- Long hikes
- Aesthetically pleasing graphic design
- Dark lipstick (or red!)
- Rainbow lollipops
- Coffee mugs
- Snapchat filters
- Pastels
- Spicy food
- Perfect winged eyeliner
- Kindness
- Sparkles
- Peppermint anything
- Fireflies
- Tight hugs
- Dresses that twirl when you spin
- Music
- Pink and white roses

- You.

That is all.


* * *


  1. The 'you' at the end was a lovely way to end off a lovely post.

    I do love a good rainstorm. In South Africa, particularly during summer, we have something called highvelt thunderstorms. It's almost like the sky, the rain, the wind and lightning put on a spectacle to behold; Pair that with dark chocolate, a movie and bed...it's something else!

    1. Thank you. (: I thought so too, and it's true.

      You live in South Africa? That's awesome. I definitely want to see a highvelt thunderstorm sometime since I love storms anyway, and that sounds completely amazing.

  2. Coffee with a froth heart on the top is the best! I also love pastels (the colors and the oil and chalk pastels). <3

    1. There's something just so aesthetically pleasing about a good coffee artwork. (: Pastels just make me feel so springy as well!


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