#LoveMe Challenge | Day 23

Hello, lovelies!

Here we are at day #23, and we're winding down on the last few posts for the month. Thanks for all the love you've sent me so far; it's been really amazing to see all the support around these posts.

* * *

What Is Your Best Feature?

I think my best feature isn't even a physical feature at all. I've always been the klutz and the funny one in my friend group, the one who's constantly making jokes and saying sarcastic comments under my breath. I never like to see my friends sad, so I'm always the one trying to cheer them up and give them something silly to laugh at. Whether that's something dumb that I've observed or it's by me having some self-deprecating humor, I'm always the one who tries to keep the mood light no matter the situation.

And I think that makes me have a very level head during stressful events. My coping mechanism for most things is just to laugh about it, which helps me not to freak out when things get a little bit rough. I think part of this stems from how I used to take things so seriously when I was little, and I've learned that everything is not life or death, and stuff just happens sometimes. A lot of times I still do take things way to seriously for my own good, but I always turn it around with laughter as soon as I realize it.

Anyone who knows me in person knows that I love to listen, and I'm sort of like the toughest teddy bear you'll ever meet. I'm a small and fluffy type of person, but I have a will of steel that is definitely unexpected at first. I've been compared to an iron fist in a velvet glove before, as well as a glass cannon (meaning that I'm tough yet fragile all at once). But my friends are people that I would protect with everything I can, and if I can make them laugh, even for just a moment, then it's all worthwhile.

That is all.


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