#LoveMe Challenge | Day 22

Hello, lovelies!

My dog is currently sat by my legs as I write this, which is a nice little fuzzy surprise. On another note, I'm incredibly ready for spring weather because I just want to be able to throw on a romper and call it a day instead of wearing a bunch of layers. (:

* * *

What Makes You Unique?

I wrestled with this prompt for a good few days before actually publishing it.

I don't have a certain skill that I can do super well that no one else can. I'm not an Olympian gymnast, and I'm not the smartest person in the world either. I'm not super graceful or elegant, and I'm also not ridiculously clumsy.

So I think the thing that makes me unique is that I'm a jack-of-all-trades type of person. Basically that means that while I'm not the best in one thing, I perform pretty averagely or above average a lot of different categories. I can sing, I can dance, I can check a pulse, I can write, and I'm in shape without being a body-builder. And I think that's pretty cool. There's so much pressure to be the absolute best in a lot of categories, while I think it's important to push yourself, for me I would feel horrible inadequate if I had to try to take first place in everything.

I also think I'm unique in how I approach things. I'll run through all the possibilities in my head sometimes, calculating all the outcomes of every action I could take. But on the flip side, I also rush head-first into things and do the thinking later on. Both have their advantages and disadvantages, but it's kind of interesting how I do both of those.

Even the way I dress has a lot of different styles to it. Sometimes I want to wear really edgy pieces and sometimes I want to wear really lazy ones, and then there's days where I just want to wear pink and sparkles all the time. So maybe the unique thing about me is that I have such a range to the way I think and act. I don't really fit into a clear box, and I like that.

That is all.

* * *


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