#LoveMe Challenge | Day 20

Hello, lovelies!

My wisdom teeth pain has gone down significantly, but I've pretty much just spent the weekend doing homework and binge-watching Pretty Little Liars. (Oh, and blogging, of course!)

* * *

Something You Love To Wear

Clothing-wise, there are a few pieces that I adore. Army green is one of my favorite colors, and I love to wear really edgy pieces, like leather jackets and knee-high boots. And of course, I also love wearing super "girly" things too, like flowy dresses and floral accents.

But above all, I think my favorite thing to wear is a super dark, vampy lipstick. Makeup is something I have always loved, because there are so many looks you can do. Drugstore products, high-end products, it doesn't matter to me. I've never thought of makeup as a safety crutch for insecurity; I've always thought if it as something fun to do. It washes off, so why not rock something dramatic?

Regardless, I just like to wear things that make me feel good. I choose colors and pieces that fit my petit frame well, and I steer clear of things that don't. Clothing and makeup is a huge part of expressing yourself, so I think wearing whatever makes you happy is the best way to bring out your best features.

That is all.


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  1. I've disappeared for a while...but I'm glad to see that you haven't and that you're still going strong with your prompts.

    Army green is a lovely colour and one that definitely seems to suit you.

    1. Welcome back! (: Sometimes you just need a break.

      Thanks much! It's one of my favorites for the fall.


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