#LoveMe Challenge | Day 2

Hello, lovelies!

It's Day #2 of the #LoveMe challenge, so let's just get right into it.


A Photo of You


Here I am.

This photo was taken last summer, and it was part of the photo session I did for my senior pictures this year. I'm seventeen here, eighteen now, and I remember the day before these were taken I spent hours in my room prepping outfits, planning my makeup, and making sure my hair would look perfect. Even with all my careful planning, there were still some pictures that turned out awkward. I remember scrolling through the files and staring at the ones I hated. Whether it was the way my limbs were positioned or the way the sun hit my face, I was almost determined to figure out something bad in each picture.

But then I found ones that I loved. This one is one of my favorites; the way the background is so elegant, the color of my dress, all of it seemed just right. I'm always nervous to compliment myself on a physical level, because it's not something I fought to earn. I don't have the hair that I do because I did something to deserve dark, thick, hair. My eyes aren't brown because I decided they ought to be that color. I think I'm also afraid to say I like myself because the line between embracing yourself and being boastful sometimes gets very thin.

But no more. This month I'm going to focus on the things I like about myself, and not feel ashamed for liking the things I can do or the way I look.

I'm going to love me.


As I mentioned yesterday, the questions are going to be at the bottom of this post in case you want to follow along and answer questions for yourself. If you want to keep up to date with all of my posts this month, just be sure to subscribe by email (there's a spot on the right-hand side of my blog if you're curious).

See you tomorrow for Day #3!

That is all.




  1. You're so pretty! I love your smile and your hair!
    -Cait xx


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