#LoveMe Challenge | Day 19

Hello, lovlies!

We've got less than ten days to go with this challenge, and I hope you're still enjoying reading them as much as I'm enjoying writing them. (:

* * *

Something You Feel Strongly About

I have always had a heart for equality. Whether that's racial equality or equality for the LGBTQ+ community, I strongly believe a person should be treated a person, regardless of if your beliefs clash with theirs.

I have personal experience in being a minority where I live, and though I haven't been outright bullied, there have been insensitive comments made to me throughout my entire life. And when I see other people being treated in a way that they simply don't deserve, it infuriates me. Sometimes all it takes is for us to put ourselves in another person's shoes to see that maybe we're not so different after all.

There are definitely some religious beliefs I know that give people a reason to think that LGBTQ+ people aren't natural and that they don't need to respect them at all. And there are also security reasons that people don't trust the Muslim community. But I think it's completely unfair to assume you know everything about someone because of how they look or what kind of stereotype goes with them. Girls who dress a certain way or boys who say certain things should not be assumed to fit a certain mold just because of external qualities.

Let people be people, and don't get caught up in things that generalize people. Make friends, be kind, and look at someone's heart before you decide who they are.

Everyone deserves the chance to live.

That is all.


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