#LoveMe Challenge | Day 18

Hello, lovelies!

It's now a couple days post-wisdom teeth adventures, and I feel like I look like a Rice Krispie to be completely honest. But I'm not gonna let my chipmunk cheeks get in the way of posting, so here we go!

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Something That Feeds Your Brain

I have a secret gamer-girl side to me. *le gasp*

I think it's because I have a competitive edge to me that I've always found video games super fun and exciting. Growing up, my brother and I would spend hours during the summer just sitting next to each other on the floor in the basement, finding all the secrets and exploring all the worlds. We were the dream team, always taking down the bad guys and letting them know who was the real boss.

My favorite part of it all was always the storyline. The stories that these games had were just as good as the books I'd read, and I'd even cry sometimes during really gut-wrenching plot twists. I always loved how the characters would interact, the way that the creators of a game had to do some serious world building to get people into it. Often times I would just sit there with my mouth gaped open when a new area would be unlocked and a dazzling overview would appear on the screen.

I loved facing the toughest fights and defeating the most challenging puzzles. I still do. I know a lot of people think video games are silly and not worth your time, but there's something really exciting about getting past something you never thought you would. I've also heard that kids who play video games have less nightmares than those who don't, because they take care of scary things during their waking hours and have a sense of calmness afterward.

So yes, this is how I feed my brain. I give it challenges and force myself to be quick on my feet, and it's sometimes the most fun I'll have in a day. It makes me happy to have something to share with my brother, and I love that there's as many options for games as there are books. If you're feeling stressed, try busting out your movies with a controller. It helps me. (:

That is all.

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