#LoveMe Challenge | Day 16

Hello, lovelies!

Here we are at Day #16, and I promise there won't be as dramatic of a story today as there was yesterday. (:

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Something You Like About Yourself

I used to hate having brown eyes, because blue eyes were always the ones that songs were written about, the ones that oceans were compared to. But then I read this little snippet:

I had to read it over a few times before it actually sunk in. My eyes have often been described as intense and dark, and I always thought they were the color of chocolate (which, although delicious, is kind of boring). Blue eyes have always been my personal favorite when it comes to eye colors, but after reading that quote, I stopped hating my eye color so much.

I took this picture around last year, and I was stunned to realize that my eyes do actually have different variations in color when it comes to certain lightings. I was standing in front of a window in my living room, and the sunlight highlighted copper tones in my eyes that I didn't even know I had. Then I went on a whirlwind search through the internet, trying to find out if there were songs about brown eyes, or if there were qualities about brown-eyed people that applied to me (apparently we're seen as more trustworthy according to the interwebs).

I like my eyes. They're gentle and serious at the same time, and nothing clashes with them because neutrals go with everything. Sure, maybe it would be more exotic to have green or blue eyes, but brown reminds me of coffee and spending nights by the fire with a good book. And that's enough for me.

That is all.


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  1. Your eyes are so pretty!!!!!

    I have brown eyes too, and for the longest time I really didn't like them...but then I started liking them. My mom has hazel eyes, so that makes mine a really light brown and in the right light they look green, so once I realized that, I also realized that brown eyes are pretty cool. Over the summer, I was standing under a really bright light and one of my friends (who notices really weird things and just blurts them out when he notices them) was like, "YOUR EYES ARE GOLDEN!!!!" So yeah, brown eyes are cool :)


    1. Thank you, Des. (:

      I love that you found a way to love your brown eyes too. I also think it's crazy how many different variations of brown there are: some are more golden, some are more green, and then there's darker ones like mine with more coppery tones.


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