#LoveMe Challenge | Day 14

Hello, lovelies!

It's....VALENTINE'S DAY! (And also my brother's birthday, so huzzah.) Today's prompt isn't particularly romantic, so don't expect the "SHARE ALL OF YOUR LOVE LIFE HISTORY" as what this post is going to be. Maybe later.

* * *

Share A Fear You Overcame

One of the biggest fears I have is opening up to people.

That probably stems from how cynical I am of other people, and how I always expect the worst so that I won't be disappointed if that ends up happening. These past few years have really pushed me to be open and honest with people, and meeting new friends has been key in that. I'm not naturally an extremely outgoing person, so I tend to have a few close friends and lot of acquaintances/friends who I don't hang out with outside of school. Now, don't get me wrong: my friends are lovely, genuine people, and I know they're not the types to go broadcasting my every word to everyone they see. But I have a hard time trusting people, so sharing vulnerable parts of me is hard.

But I've been doing a lot better in changing that.

I think I also get afraid of putting in more effort than I'll receive, and I've since realized that it doesn't matter what kind of reaction I'll get in return. Sure, I don't need to be spilling my emotional guts everywhere, but bottling myself up isn't helpful in the long run anyway. Relaxing and just being myself with people may seem really daunting, but I think it's because I put so much pressure on myself to show a perfect visage. But we all have flaws and things we don't share readily, but sometimes that's the best way to bond with someone. Knowing I have something in common with someone is often how I make the most unexpected friendships.

So maybe I'm still slow in sharing things with other people, but I'm getting better at not just answering "Good," out of habit in response to a question of how I'm feeling.

And I'm okay with that.

That is all.


* * *


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