The 5 Senses Tag

Hello, lovelies!

I found this tag over on Nevillegirl's blog, and I thought it was a really cool idea for a tag. It's not like the normal bookish tags that come my way, so I figured it might be nice to give a a whirl. The idea behind the tag is taking each of the five senses and picking my favorite five things that are associated with each one. (If you're confused, just keep reading. I promise it'll make sense in a bit!)


Let's begin, shall we?

* * *


1.) Ocean waves
2.) A bonfire crackling
3.) Rain on the winshield of my car
4.) Acoustic guitars
5.) Crinkling leaves in the fall


1.) Sunsets
2.) Coffee mugs organized neatly on a shelf
3.) Blazing stars on a summer night
4.) Old bookstores
5.) Shimmery eyeshadow


1.) Freshly baked bread
2.) Paprika
3.) Coffee shops
4.) Morning, when it's still dewy and cool
5.) Shampoo


1.) The spines of old books
2.) Puppy fur
3.) Thick, cozy blankets
4.) Rustic wooden tables
5.) Warm, oversized hoodies, straight out of the dryer


1.) Lemon bars
2.) Spicy, hot soup, especially on a cold night
3.) Peppermint lattes
4.) Soft pretzels, lightly salted
5.) Frosty watermelon in the heat of summer

* * *

If you have the chance, you should definitely give this tag a try, whether that's in a comment below or on a blog of your own. I think it's really interesting to read other people's tags, and it was really cool doing this one myself. It's kind of fun to glimpse into people's favorite things and see if some of mine match up with mine. (:

That is all.



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