Makeup/Beauty Collection + Storage: 2016

Hello, lovelies!

For the past five years or so, I've been an avid makeup junkie. It all started with some orange eyeshadow, and then I fell down the rabbit hole of blush, bronzer, mascara---the whole nine yards. So today I figured I would show off my entire updated makeup collection.

I've collected a lot of new goodies recently, and I also wanted to show you how I organize the chaos since I know this many products can be intimidating. This'll most likely be a long haul, but hopefully you enjoy it nonetheless. (:

* * *

I got inspiration for including the storage aspect of my collection from MakeSpace, which is a company that picks up, stores, and delivers whatever you want into a storage space for you. Their app also allows you to request certain items that you have stored away and have them delivered right to you for extra convenience.

They're rapidly expanding their locations, so if you'd like to see if they have your city listed, or if it's coming your way soon, feel free to click here to see their current storage locations. (Also, if you'd like more information in general, here's the link to their homepage.)

Without further ado, let's get started, shall we?

(NOTE: This post is NOT sponsored by MakeSpace or any of the other brands mentioned in this post. All opinions are my own, and all of the products featured were purchased with my own money. Thanks!)

* * *

Let's start with an overview of my dresser/vanity area. I've had this off-white dresser for forever, and I've always loved the huge mirror and space on the top for me to lay out all of my products. You can see on the right my collection of jewelry, which I actually recently decluttered to make space for any new goodies I might find.

This is my main little storage unit I have on my dresser, and it's where 90% of my makeup is stored. I believe I got it from Target, and I've organized my makeup into categories within the drawers. There's actually plenty of space inside of it, which I love, and it also makes my dresser space less cluttered with small products scattered everywhere. I also like how there's a flat space on top for me to put my brushes and little jar of eyeliners, and also my favorite ring and earrings.
Featured: Various face and eye brushes by Studio M, Elf, Up & Up, and Real Techniques (for the exact brush names, feel free to ask in the comments!).
I've been slowly expanding my brush collection, and I'm pleased by how far it's come in a few short years. (My favorite brushes are the Real Techniques ones, which have the orange and pink handles in the photo.) I like to keep them organized by sticking them in a cute little Mason jar I had lying around, and, since I adore pink, I just had to put a polka-dot ribbon on it. I find that being able to see all my brushes in this compact way helps me find what I need more quickly and easily.
Featured: Maybelline and Loreal concealers, Almay liner and eyeshadow stick in one, Rimmel pencil eyeliners + lip liner + eyebrow pencil, Wet n Wild eyeliners, Nyx liquid liner, Covergirl silver eyeshadow base, Alba Botanica lip gloss, Mary Kay eyeshadow primer, Duo eyelash adhesive, and a pair of tweezers.
Moving on, this is the other jar of sorts that I have on my makeup organizer. (I think this container actually came with some bobby pins I bought once.) I like to keep my eyeliners and other smaller items in here for easy access, and also because they tend to rattle around in that little set of drawers if I try to put them in there.

Featured: Rimmel Stay Matte powder, NYC Sunny bronzer, Covergirl bronzer in Spices, Wet n Wild Color Icon highlighter in Reserve Your Cabana, and contouring palette in Dulce de Leche, Nyx eyebrow kit in dark brown.
When I'm doing my makeup, I basically start in the bottom drawer and work my way up, which is why I've organized everything this way. This drawer is where I like to keep my bigger face products, so I've got some bronzers, face powders, a highlighter (which is SO pretty), and a brow powder duo in here. I don't really use the NYC bronzer anymore since I think it breaks me out, but I do like using the Covergirl one as a mini eyeshadow palette for traveling since it's small and compact.

Featured: Almay eyeshadow palette, Elf shimmery blush in the shade Glow and smudge pots in Brownie Points and Crusin' Chic, Physician's Formula Shimmer Strip eyeshadow palette, Makeup Forever lose translucent powder, Loreal Infallible eyeshadow in Amber Rush, Maybelline Color Tattoo in Bold Gold, Nyx blushes in Mocha and Amber, Revlon blush in Oh Baby! Pink.
The middle drawer is where I keep my blush and smaller eyeshadow palettes, along with some single shadows. I absolutely adore the cream eyeshadow singles I have, and the Amber Rush shade is the most gorgeous shimmery pink on the eyes. My favorite blush out of the ones here is definitely the Amber shade by Nyx, since the pigmentation is amazing and it's a very natural color on the cheeks.

Featured: Mary Kay gloss in Beach Bronze, Makeover Essentials lip gloss trio, Wet n Wild lip stain in Rico Mauve and lipstick in Just Garnet, Nivea shimmery lip balm, Nyx glosses in Tea Rose, Beige, and Natural, Maybelline lipsticks in Clay Crush, Touch of Spice, Rich Ruby, and Perfect Plum.
The top drawer is my lip product drawer. I used to be a complete fanatic over lip gloss, but recently I've been a lipstick girl since my hair tends to get stuck in the gloss on windy days, which is definitely not fun. My favorite lipsticks have to be Clay Crush and Touch of Spice, and my go-to gloss is the one called Natural.

Featured: Elf blush palette in Light, Makeup Revolution Affirmations eyeshadow palette, Too Faced Semi-Sweet Chocolate Bar eyeshadow palette, Loreal Telescopic Carbon Black and False Fiber mascara, and Maybelline Lash Sensational mascara.
Moving right along to the middle portion of my dresser, this is where I keep some of my bigger palettes, my mascaras, a little bowl of rings, and simple things like my hairbrush, an eyelash curler, perfumes (which we'll get a closer look at in a moment), and hand sanitizers by Bath & Body Works. Oh! And there's some eyedrops there too for when my eyes are dry from allergy season.

I just bought the Semi-Sweet eyeshadow palette, and I cannot explain my love for it. It smells like CHOCOLATE for one, and the eyeshadows are so beautiful and blendable. *le makeup junkie sigh* The Elf blush palette is also amazing for the price, and the Maybelline mascara in the pink tube is also pretty bomb.

Featured: Various moisturizers/lotions,  Bath & Body Works perfumes in Tokyo Lotus and Apple Blossom, Seaside Pink Jasmine, Love and Sunshine, Vanilla Bean Noel, and Hello Sunshine, fragrance mist in Sunshine Flower, a little jar of petroleum jelly, a tube of aloe vera, some bracelets by various brands, and my glasses.
My skin varies from dry to combo depending on the season, but moisturizing is so important either way. I recently picked up a mango scented one, which smells amazing and doesn't irritate my skin. (And yes, I do realize the tubs are HUGE, but they last a looong time which is great.) Also, my favorite little perfume bottle I have is the Hello Sunshine one, but unfortunately it was a limited edition scent for summer, so I'll have to use it sparingly from now on. *le sigh*

Featured: Various hair goodies, eyeliner sharpener, fake eyelashes by Ardell, Nyx contour kit, and a couple eyeshadow palettes by LA Colors.
My last little storage section is the top right drawer of my dresser itself. This is where I keep things that I either don't use often, or they'd just make too much clutter if I had them displayed on my dresser. I recently got the Nyx contour kit, and that yellow colored powder and the darker shade below it have quickly become my favorites in the palette. (The top right highlighter is also GORGEOUS.)

I don't really wear fake lashes other than on special occasions, since they're a lot of work to put on, but I do like having them around for an extra oomph to a look. (I also don't really use these eyeshadow palettes anymore since I have better quality ones now, but that orange shade in the super colorful palette used to be my favorite when I first started playing with makeup.)

* * *


We've made it to the end!

(If you managed to make it this far, comment something about pineapples. Just for fun.)
I hope you enjoyed this little(?) look into my collection and storage, and if you have makeup products you adore, please let me know what they are and we can have a little makeup junkie party in the comments. (:

That is all.



  1. Are pineapple apples that grow on pine trees? :)

    That, my friend, is a lot of makeup. Do you really use all of it?!?! XD

    ~D. Skye <3

    1. I wish! (:

      Haha, I've used it all at some point or another, but I generally stick to just a few products on a daily basis.


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