Falling In Love At A Coffee Shop: A Poem

Hello, lovelies!

A wild blog post has appeared! It's been a hot minute since my last blog post, but I do have a poem to share with you today, and some other posts are being planned as we speak. My creative writing class spent a whole unit on poetry this past month or so, and this one of the poems I wrote for my poetry collection (the title I borrowed from one of my favorite songs).

Hope you enjoy!


"Falling In Love At A Coffee Shop"

Gentle swells of music play overhead,
A soft chatter fills the air.
Steaming cups of coffee send up frills of steam;
Couples whisper secrets here and there.
Whenever I’m feeling anxious,
I find that my feet wander straight to here.
There’s something about the atmosphere,
The clinking dishes and whirring blenders,
That helps me remember,

how to


There’s so many people,
Just passing their day away.
But all of them have a story,
A reason they came to this coffee shop today.
My fingers drum on a wooden table,
The legs scuffed from feet before mine.
With a fragrant cup in my hands,
For once I feel like everything is fine.
I’ve found my place in a room where all are welcome,
And I crave it like a drug.
To be alone yet together with strangers,
My fingers wrapped around a mug.


That is all.



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