7 Little Ways To Be Happy

Hello, lovelies!

Spring is here, or at least it's trying very hard to be here, and that's inspired me so much these past couple days. Spring and fall are my favorite seasons, and spring is just so beautiful and refreshing when all the flowers start to pop up.

(Also, I've channeled my inner spring lover into my blog with a new background. Hopefully it puts you in a springy mood!)

I think happiness is one of the most misunderstood things in the world. We all want to achieve it, but I don't think happiness is something you can ever achieve and then be done. A lot of brands actually use happiness as a way to market to the public, which is weirdly fascinating and sad at the same time. They'll promise you something beyond just the product itself; they're trying to get you to buy happiness, buy perfect relationships, buy the "you" you've always wanted. Happiness isn't a one time deal where you can shake the hand of the happiness genie and be all set for life. It's a process, and it's a never ending process.

But there are definitely some things that I've noticed help me be much happier than I've been in the past. With my anxiety being the way it is, happiness and peace are two things I always feel like I'm constantly chasing, and there are some things that I know work much better than others. I've compiled a list of some of the things that work well for me personally, and maybe they'll help you as well.


1.) Make yourself a cup of tea.

I used to be very much a tea-hater. I thought it tasted bitter and just not quite right unless I dumped a boatload of sweetener and honey in it, which kind of defeats the purpose of getting the true flavor. But recently I discovered some Downton Abbey inspired tea made by the brand The Republic of Tea, and it's in the flavor "English Rose".

*This image is pure example, and that adorable teacup is not mine*
First of all, that name is adorable, and second of all, the tea itself is a watermelon-pink color in your cup and it's the cutest thing ever. I've also had hibiscus in the past, and I've realized that my preference in tea is tea that has flowers in it. Who knew? I find curling up with a cup of tea really relaxes me, and it's perfect on a rainy day with a book.

2.) Journal

Note how wonderfully my journal matches my blog theme *le squeal*
I have a creative writing class I'm taking at the moment, and about once or twice a week, my teacher gives us what she calls "sacred writing" time. So for about ten/fifteen minutes, we have a chance to open up whatever journal we've brought and start writing. I normally type things, be they essays, blog posts, or stories, but there's something about handwriting that's very therapeutic. I just write about whatever comes to mind, and it definitely helps to rid me of whatever little things are lurking in my subconscious and making me anxious.

(NOTE: A good pen is recommended for journaling. Nobody likes a pen that doesn't write smoothly, and it makes it so much more enjoyable.)

3.) Take a long, hot shower. (Optional: SING YO LUNGS OUT)

I've never been a bath-lover. Part of that is because I don't like the idea of sitting in a tub of my own filth-water, and part of it is because I'm actually very allergic to bubble bath (and a bath is so boring without bubbles). I would assume I'm also allergic to bath bombs, so I'll never know the luxury that is a multi-colored bath. *cries*

However, I am definitely on Team Shower-Lovers. There's something weirdly symbolic about having hot water just wash away all your worries, and I definitely belt out songs in the shower. I think singing is a huge stress-reliever, and as strange as it seems, you can tell my mood based on the songs I'm singing in the shower.

4.) A little bit of retail therapy

Take this little piece of advice with a grain of salt. I'm not saying every time you're sad you should go buy everything your bank account can handle. That's a bit too risky. What I am saying is that whenever I'm feeling down, a new shirt or dress can perk up my mood. I came home from school one day just feeling so angry for some reason, and I could feel myself ready to explode and just fume at the next person I saw. And since that next person would've been someone in my family at home, I figured I should make a detour to Target and try to cool off. It helped so much just to unwind all the tension I was carrying, and being surrounded by clothing in a store is one of my happy places.

Now, this isn't something that's going to make you instantly happier. It's more of something that gratifies you now, and it's not a permanent solution. But if you're feeling a little down, get something small like a new necklace and then wear it, own it, love it.

5.) Make something

*NOTE: This isn't mine, but the artist painted this using coffee. COFFEE. Holy wow.*
I'm a writer and artist, so when I'm sad I instantly turn to sketching and writing poetry. For me, it's so so important that when I'm stuck in a rut I turn to a creative outlet so that I don't start to shut down and burrow under some blankets like a Seana burrito. If you're a musician and love composing music, then write a song, compose something beautiful. I love music too, but I'm more of a listener and instrumentalist rather than a songwriter.

After seeing a job well done, I always get this little thrill of joy in me because there's something magical about looking back and saying, "See that? I MADE that. Mhmm oh yeah." That's not even how I talk, but hey, you get what I mean. (:

6.) Discover a new song (Optional: SING YO LUNGS OUT)

"Dancing With A Wolf" by All Time Low
My favorite music streaming website/app is Pandora, because it starts you off with a station based off your favorite artist, but then it'll give you songs that are similar in style and eventually branch off to songs you never knew existed. I have an entire list of songs compiled from Pandora that I'm planning on putting into my next favorites post, and they were all discovered through Pandora, which is crazy. I used to find myself falling into a rut when it comes to music, but now I'm finding so many artists and songs that I love. My taste ranges from gentle acoustic songs to slightly edging on rock music, and I've found new songs in all of those categories which is amazing.

I think new songs are essential to brightening my mood because I get bored easily, and new songs are the perfect excuse for a solo dance party.

*NOTE: I've embedded a song in this post that's called "Dancing With A Wolf" by All Time Low, because it's been my most recent favorite, and I figure some of you might like it if you like songs more towards the rock end of the spectrum.

7.) Stay up late talking to someone.

I'm a firm believer that everything is better at night. The stars come out and the cool night air drifts in while fireflies dance. And conversations are also one of those things that I think are better at night. It doesn't even have to be a face to face or a phone call conversation. I think texting is sometimes nice too. People just drop their guards at one a.m., and a lot of times deeper issues come out and I see things in a different light.

Just like with the journaling idea, just talking about things can really help to purge your system of any negativity that's there. I feel like sometimes emotions get bottled up for too long, and we just let them sink into our bloodstreams without realizing that negative thoughts can be poison.


So. Those are just a few of the things I've noticed recently that have made me feel a lot happier, and hopefully they help you out too if you're feeling a little down.

That is all.



  1. This is a lovely list.

    One of the things that helps me not be anxious is to make sure I'm reading my Bible everyday. It helps me get my focus on God instead of my anxiety. Another thing that helps me be happy is music. Starting to sing a tune when I start to worry helps me change the mental channel. It doesn't matter what music, either. I've been known to start humming Shake it Off to myself but I've also rediscovered the joy of listening to worship songs outside of church.

    And I totally agree with creating as a mood lifter. Doodling forces me to slow down and the stress kind of melts away.

    ~The Unstoppable Child

    1. The same goes for me. There's something so good about giving your anxieties to God and letting your mind relax. My go to anxiety songs change, but usually I'll just sing under my breath whatever song is stuck in my head at that moment. Currently it's been "Miss Jackson" by Panic At the Disco.

      There's even those adult coloring books that I find work wonders for getting your mind focused on something else. Besides, I don't care if I'm 17, I still like coloring. (:


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