I'm Sorry For Your Loss: A Poem

Hello, lovelies!

I had a post scheduled for this past weekend, but I clicked the "save" button instead of "publish, so it never ended up in the blogosphere, which is a bit annoying. However, I'm back now, and this is a poem I've written recently that was inspired by a friend. If they're reading, I think they'll know who they are once they read it.

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* * *

I'm sorry for your loss,
But I won't say it's for the best.
A grieving heart needs to grieve,
Though I pray you will not wallow in the past.
I'm sorry for your loss,
But I won't say you need to shoulder it alone.
A battered mind needs to rest;
I hope you know I'll always answer the phone.
I'm sorry for your loss,
But I won't say you'll get over it fast.
A weary soul needs to breathe,
Though I hope you will find some peace at last.
I'm sorry for your loss,
But I won't say sorry is good enough.
A shattered family needs to heal,
I hope you know it's still okay to feel.
I'm sorry for your loss,
But I can't make things okay.
A distraught cry needs to be heard,
Though I worry you will not find yourself today.
I'm sorry for your loss,
But I pray you won't despair.
A phoenix falls only to rise again;
For you, I will always be there.
I'm sorry for your loss.

* * *

That is all.



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