New Year Updates

Hello, lovelies!

First of all, I apologize for a lack of posts since Christmas. I was spending time with family, relaxing and then getting back into the swing of things with school and whatnot. Either way, little blogger Sea is back, with a new look to the blog and a new profile picture because I was feeling like some change was needed. (Although it's a bit exhausting to go and change all of my social media platform pictures, which is why I don't change it often.)

I also finally got around to doing a giant cleanup of my room. I'm that person who doesn't make their bed in the morning because it's just going to get messy later, and that sort of bled into not cleaning my room because it was going to get unclean later on. I SEVERELY RECOMMEND YOU ARE NOT A DERPY HUMAN LIKE MYSELF AND DO MORE SPRING CLEANING EVEN IF IT'S NOT SPRING. You will thank me later. I had started taping things to my walls when I was in middle school, be they drawings, magazine cutouts, or even song lyrics I'd written down in pretty fonts. By the time I got around to finally taking down all of tween Seana's musings, my entire wall was basically covered. But now it's much cleaner and classier with a few cute pieces of wall decor, which I love. I've recently become obsessed with gold, which is why 2/3 of my wall art pieces have gold font. (And yes, those are belts hanging from the bottom sign. It had hooks, and my belts were in need of hooks, so it worked out well.)

I finally was able to move my books to my bookshelf and organize them alphabetically *le sigh of OCD contentedness*. (I didn't realize that I had removed my copy of City of Ashes since I was reading it, which is why it's missing from the picture.) I do have more books than are shown here, but I have more of my favorite books/series displayed for now.

I also took it upon myself to finally reorganize my dresser, and set out all my makeup and other other trinkets in a way that doesn't resemble the aftermath of a hurricane. I took a little trip to Bath & Body Works the other day, and picked up a new perfume called "Love and Sunshine", and it smells AMAZING. I think if a perfume has the word "sunshine" in it, I will probably love it because my other favorite B&BW perfume is called "Hello Sunshine", and the first little fragrance spritz I bought that I adored was called "Sunshine Flower".

I don't think I'll do the whole New Years resolution thing this year, simply because I tend to make resolutions that aren't realistic and then never end up completing them. But I think this year I really want to take good care of my skin, because in the past I just skipped over skincare, and my face has been breaking out quite a bit along my cheeks lately, so clean skin is a must. I also want to try and get into better shape. Not because I'm chubby, but because prom is coming up in the spring, and I also want to become my best self since right now I have the upper body strength of a weasel. I downloaded a little workout app called Sworkit, and it comes up with workouts for you, and you can set a timer for how long you want to exercise, and then it cycles through exercises from whatever category you chose (ex: strength, yoga, etc.). My biggest problem with working out is that I can never come up with exercises on my own, so I just get lazy and skip out. But I think it's more reasonable to set a goal of doing at least 20 minutes a day of working out, rather than trying to overload it.

Well, that's all the updates I have for you. Hopefully you had a lovely Christmas season with your family, and if you're not having a good day, just remember:

That is all.



  1. Thank you! (because I must admit, toast is pretty darn great)
    Good for you for cleaning your room! The pictures look so gorgeous, especially those frames with the images and the gold font. I must admit, I too am one of those people who get lazy and never clean their room. Well, I cleaned it on New Year's Eve to have a "new start" but... *sigh*
    I hope you have an amazing New Year! :)

    1. I'm so obsessed with gold right now. Even my prom dress for this year is gold. (: I hope your New Year is amazing as well!

  2. You've inspired me to clean my room. Which is going to be an interesting feat considering I share that bedroom with five of my six sisters... Maybe I'll just get my stuff extra clean.

    Ah yes. Exercise. I should exercise and knock off a few pounds and I'd like to submit lack of time as my excuse but it's also a question of where as well as when. I'd like to start doing yoga, but unless I start getting up at some horrendous hour and commandeering the living room before my hobbits are up, I don't where I'd do it at. I'm really just making excuses. :P

    ~The Unstoppable Child

    1. Wow, SIX sisters?! I've only grown up with two brothers, so I would not know how to handle that, haha. (:

      I suppose it is hard to do in the morning, and I'm definitely not an early riser. That's why I tend to do it in the evening just as a relaxation technique to tire me out before bed. (Yes, weirdly doing squats is relaxing sometimes.) (:

  3. WOW SEA YOUR ROOM! Soooo different! You can actually see the wall *gasps*
    Sorry for this meaningless comment, I just felt the need to say something rather than nothing haha.
    - July,

    1. Haha, I know! Taking down all my magazine clippings hurt my heart a little bit, but it looks SO much better. (:

  4. Hi Seana, new viewer here to your page!! hooray! i was wondering if you could link me to some of the things you've written, whether it be short stories, poems or even a novel I'D READ ANYTHING WRITTEN BY YOU. Oops, fangirling. You have such a way with words & i hope to see your name on the top of New York Times bestseller list one day.

    cheers xox

    1. Hi, Margo! Lovely of you to stop by. (: You could totally search for short stories or poems in the search bar on the side of my blog, or go through the archives to find them. Also, you're so sweet for saying you hope I make the NY Times bestseller list. That would be a dream!


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