January Favorites (2016): My Prom Dress, Makeup, Glasses and More!

Hello, lovelies!

It's been forever since I've done a favorites post, and I've actually accumulated quite a bit of new things since my last one, so now seemed like a perfect time to do it. So, here we go!

* * *

1.) Music

For some reason I've been getting into more pop rock and Michael Bublé-esque style music lately, and these are some of the songs that I've been obsessed with recently. I have videos of the songs below the titles, so feel free to give them a listen to when you get the chance.

(If you only have time to watch a video or two, then I HIGHLY recommend "Walt Grace's Submarine Test" by John Mayer, which is one of the last two songs I've listed in this section. It's so relaxing and it tells a really lovely story.)

"Red and Gold" by Young Rising Sons

This song is just so upbeat and catchy, and I love the way this group's voices blend together. I also really like their song "Turnin'", but I don't know if it quite hits up there in my favorites list.

"Oh, Calamity!" and "Satellite" by All Time Low

I only recently discovered All Time Low, but these were two of my favorites that I found first. The lyrics in these songs are amazing, and there's definitely touches of rock element in these songs, which I've fallen in love with.

"The Feeling" by Justin Bieber ft. Halsey

I will whole heartedly admit that I'm not a huge Justin Bieber fan, BUT his recent music has been surprisingly good. I love this song because it asks the question if you're in love with someone, or if you just like the feeling of being in "love", which can be hard to see at first. Also, Halsey's parts in this song are bomb.

"I Don't Love You Too" by Olly Murs

Olly Murs is also a new artist I've added to my playlists. I believe he's British, and his music style reminds me so much of Michael Bublé that I'm 90% sure they're twins.

"Never Enough" by One Direction

I couldn't find the actual audio of this song because of copyright reasons, but I did find a cover that someone did, which is still pretty cool. This song is my dance jam, and I'm so obsessed.

"Castaway" and "Airplanes" by 5 Seconds of Summer

I was kind of sad when 5SOS came out with their new album because I didn't love all their songs like I did with the last album, but these two songs were really good. (I also loved "Safety Pin", "Waste the Night", and "Vapor", if you're curious.) I will say that their Sounds Good Feels Good album has really good lyrics, it's just that some of the tunes that go with it aren't quite as good.

"Irresistible" by Fallout Boy

I didn't really know that many Fallout Boy songs until the past month or so, but I can't help but have a little dance party by myself when I hear this song. "Immortals" is also really good, but the chorus of this one just gets me.

"Suburbia" and "Blue" by Troye Sivan

I ADORE Troye Sivan. He started out as a little YouTuber who made videos and did a few covers, but with a single called Happy Little Pill, it really kicked him off into the music industry. Just last year he released his album called Blue Neighborhood, and it's so so good. His voice is so smooth and relaxing, but these songs have really simplistic but beautiful lyrics that I love. He's one of those artists that I never get sick of even if I play his songs on repeat for weeks.

"Colors" by Halsey

Halsey is an artist that I didn't really know until recently, but one of her songs came up on Pandora, and it was this one that I'm putting on my favorites list. This song reminds me so much of poetry, and the bridge of this song really plays with the idea of things being colors, which is something I love.

"Underground" from Assassin's Creed Syndicate, cover by Peter Hollens

I don't know why, but I couldn't find Peter's video that went with this song, but here's one with the lyrics instead. Either way, this song is from the Assassin's Creed Syndicate soundtrack, and I love how mournful and haunting it sounds. Peter's voice is perfect for it, and he really reflects the gloomy time the city of London was under during the story of ACS.

"I Know What You Did Last Summer" by Shawn Mendes ft. Camila Cabello

I've gotten a little sick of Shawn's music lately, but I really like this one. It's so upbeat and different from his old music, and it's a good change to me. I don't really like Camila since she's from Fifth Harmony (ew), but I like the song regardless.

"Walt Grace's Submarine Test" by John Mayer

One of my teachers played this song in class, and it's become one of my all time favorites. It tells the story of a man who defies the odds and chases his dream of sailing in his little submarine even though everyone thinks he'll never make it. The guitar bits in the music are so light and uplifting, and it makes the whole song feel like a little adventure.

"Like A Staring Contest" by Future Kings of Nowhere

A good friend of mine showed me this song, and each verse in the song tells a story that connects to the chorus in a really cool way. The lyrics are incredible, and even though it took me a little bit to actually like the song, I think it's incredible now.

2.) Clothes

H&M Suede Skirt

I bought a skirt very similar to this one when I was in Chicago last weekend. It's a tan suede one from H&M, with silver buttons all the way up the front. I think high-waisted things are really flattering on my body shape, and I like stroking the fabric because it reminds me of a baby deer.

My Prom Dress

So, I know that prom is still a few months away (we call prom Banquet at my school), but I figured why not get a jump on prepping for it. I'm so bad at avoiding procrastination, so for once I did something early, huzzah! My dress this year is from Younkers, and it has a really pretty gold, sparkly top part with little sequins on it. The bottom is a white tulle fabric (and yes, there is a lot of length left on the bottom there because I'm pretty sure I'm a hobbit), which I think is gorgeous. I found a pair of gold wedges to deal with the height issue, but if by some miracle I get a date that's shorter than me, I might have to ditch the heels.

Onesie from Wet Seal

I also got this piece of clothing from a Chicago store, this one called Wet Seal. I had never heard of it before, but Wet Seal actually has some cute pieces of clothing. I found this onesie on sale, which was amazing, and it's unbelievably comfortable. Now, the photo of me wearing it here is me with a black t-shirt underneath it, so imagine this onesie as sleeveless and you'll get the idea of how it looks without the shirt underneath it.

Blanket Scarf aka the BLARF (or scanket, your choice)

I actually bought my blanket scarf at a greenhouse of all places, and it was the best decision I ever made. However, when I got home, I realized that my scarf had a "Display Only" sticker on it, and that kind of freaked me out. BUT they still sold it to me, so hopefully that doesn't make me a criminal *runs and hides in the corner*.  Criminal or no, these scarves are totally worth it because they're exactly what they say they are. They're a blanket you wear around your neck, and they are the warmest things ever.

3.) Makeup/Beauty

Nyx Matte Liquid Liner

I've been on the hunt for a good eyeliner, and this one is actually surprisingly good. The liner dries matte, which is fantastic, because shiny eyeliner is a no from me. If you're struggling with getting your winged eyeliner right, just rest your elbow on a surface to steady your hand. Trust me, it helps!

Maybelline Lipsticks in "Clay Crush", "Rich Ruby", and "Perfect Plum"

I already had the matte lipstick in "Touch of Spice", but I picked up a few more. I love Maybelline lipsticks, and "Clay Crush" is the perfect color for me. It's pretty much the exact same shade of my lips, so it looks VERY natural. "Rich Ruby" (matte lipstick), which is the second picture down, I bought for pictures that I had to have taken for a singing showcase I'm a part of, and it's the perfect red for the undertones in my skin, which have a warmer feel. "Perfect Plum" was something that I bought on the fly, just because I wanted a pretty berry color for the fall. It's more of a satin finish, but it looks really vampy and makes me feel intimidating and fabulous at the same time.

Nyx HD Blush in "Amber"

I love me a good Nyx blush, since they're about $5, and they're really nicely pigmented. This shade is very natural, and Nyx packaging is so cute with the little bows on them.

Real Techniques Brushes

I recently decided to pick up some better makeup brushes than the ones I owned, since those were shedding a ton and leaving me with little brush hairs on my cheeks (not cute). Real techniques is more expensive than I've bought before, but they're worth it. I bought a set of brushes, and then two other brushes outside of them. If you can, buy the sets because you definitely get more for your money. It's also really cool that they color-code their brushes based on what you should use them for along with putting the names of the brushes on the brush handles, so it's helpful if you're a beginner.

Core Collection Brush Set:
Left to right: contour brush, pointed foundation brush (which I use for highlighter), detailer brush (I don't use this one much), and buffing brush.

Blush Brush:

Expert Face Brush:
(I like to use this one for concealer)

4.) Miscellaneous


I know I've mentioned Chicago quite a bit during this post, but I do love the city. I went there with the singing group I'm in, Living Hope, last weekend, and it was an amazing experience. We saw the Blue Man Group, which was equal parts weird and absolutely wonderful. I loved just laughing and bonding with these people, and we sang in a few churches along with a nursing home, which was such a blessing. This is an actual picture of our group, but I've left it this size so that it's not magnified on our faces (but I'll give you an invisible teddy bear if you can pick out which one is me.)

Mini Labradoodle Puppies

My mom actually showed me this picture a few days ago and I was confused for a second because I wasn't sure why she was showing me little fuzzy munchkins. But when my mom said we were getting one of these puppies, I started bawling and making this face:

I'm beyond excited to get one of the little fuzzballs once they're old enough in March, since it's been almost two years since we had to put down our last dog. I've just felt a bit lonely without a furry companion, so it'll be so nice to have a pet again. We're getting a girl, so if you have name ideas, feel free to comment them.

My Glasses

I FINALLY got glasses after I've been mumbling about getting a new pair for ages. I absolutely adore this style, especially because I think they really suit my face shape, and the colors aren't so bright that you see them and instantly cringe. (Also, I'm wearing that "Perfect Plum" lipstick I mentioned earlier, so huzzah for connections.) The prescription is actually good for my eyes this time, and I'm appreciated my new eagle-level eyesight.


My skin has been insanely dry lately, so I've been going nuts with the moisturizers, and I even through in a little acne cream to help with my pesky little red friends on my face. I get pretty bad scarring whenever I get acne on my cheeks, so I figured it wouldn't hurt to try and take care of that. I think the dryness is stemming from the winter season, but alligator skin isn't something I really would like to have.

Top row: Alba Botanica Fast Fix for a Pimple, Yes to Clear Skin Daily Balancing moisturizer
Bottom row:  Aveeno 24-Hour Ultra-Hydrating Whipped Souflé moisturizer, By Nature Replenishing Night Cream

* * *

Congrats if you've made it all the way to the end of this post. (You get all the awards and invisible teddy bears.) I think I need to make sure I keep up to date with my favorites posts so that we're not writing a novel every time, haha!

Anywho, I love you guys and I hope you are having a fabulous day. Please let me know if there are any things you're loving, be they books, music, or anything otherwise. I'd love to try the things you're loving.

That is all.



  1. YAY! You're alive! Nice to hear from you Sea!

    I'll just list a few of my favorites in case you're interested. (You probably aren't though...)


    PENTATONIXXXXXXX!!!! *squeals* If you haven't heard them, you must because they're wonderful and my favorite and I love them and Avi's voice is just...ahhhh. *swoons*
    And also, Il Volo. Their voices are really good, and I listen to them in Italian, not because I can speak it, but because it sounds better to me.
    OOOH and For King and Country! Because they're awesome. And they're also Australian. :)

    Music is kind of the biggest part of my life, so that's kind of all I have...

    I have a question for you though. I'm moving into my oldest brother's room, and I'm getting it painted. I know the the basic color is a really light blue, but should I do an accent wall of dark blue, or just some stripes or a pattern in dark blue? I would love your opinion because I am still undecided, and I think we're starting to paint this week... o_o :)

    ~D. Skye <3

    1. Haha, I love hearing favorites of other people. (: Also, PTX! YES! I've never heard of II Volo, but that sounds pretty sweet. And I love FKaC! They have some of my favorite songs, and their lyrics are amazing.

      Oop! Sorry I didn't get back to you right away since you're painting soon. ): BUT! I would say that an accent wall would look pretty if you do all light blue and one dark blue wall. I think patterns can be pretty, but sometimes overwhelming and tacky if they're not done right.


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