Hello, lovelies!

IT'S CHRISTMAS! (Well, duh, Seana. Not like that was in the title of the post or anything.) I've always been a huge fan of Christmas, but for some reason this year it just doesn't feel Christmasy like it has in years past (I've since been notified that this feeling is part of this horrifying process known as "growing up").

Normally here in Michigan we get a boatload of snow by this time, but this year it's been a green Christmas, and that's definitely not ideal for putting me in the festive mood. Although, I must say that I did a particularly excellent job decorating my tree this year with some adorable woodland creature ornaments (my personal favorites are the squirrels and the deer).

Whether you celebrate Christmas or not, I hope you have a fabulous day with your family eating your body weight in food and doing all of the silly family things that go into the holiday season. (:

That is all.



  1. Oh, thank goodness... Growing up is a good explanation. I thought something was wrong with me. :/ I was wondering why this year felt extremely anti-climactic. There wasn't much of a climb towards Christmas like there usually is. Part of it is no snow, and being ridiculously warm for December on the East Coast.

    The food is always good though. And I ate waaaaaay too much. But that is to be expected. :)

    Merry Christmas!

    ~D.Skye <3

    1. Same here! It feels more like springtime than December outside and it's really confusing. Hopefully this doesn't mean we'll get the gross sludgy snow when it's March since we don't have the pretty snow now.

      I think I doubled my body weight because of all the food I ate. (:

  2. Hi Seana, new viewer here to your page!! hooray! i was wondering if you could link me to some of the things you've written, whether it be short stories, poems or even a novel I'D READ ANYTHING WRITTEN BY YOU. Oops, fangirling. You have such a way with words & i hope to see your name on the top of New York Times bestseller list one day.

    cheers xox

    1. Hi, Margo! Thanks for stopping by. (: You're so sweet for saying that! The easiest way to find my little writings is probably to just search "poem" or "short story" in the search bar on the right-hand side of the blog. Most of my works should pop up!


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