September Favorites 2015

Hello, lovelies!

It's already October, which just happens to be my favorite month of the year (my second favorite being December, because Christmas and my birthday). I just adore all the pumpkin things and all the gorgeous fall colors. But before I can fully enjoy October, I figured it was time to make my September Favorites post of this year.

So, here we go!

* * *

1.) Music

"Almost Lover" by A Fine Frenzy
(Cover by Jasmine Thompson)

This song is so pretty and haunting. I love how it's a song about saying goodbye to something in the past, and this girl's cover of it is amazingly done.

"Till I Fall Alseep" by Jayme Dee

This song is so sweet. I love the line, "Sing to me till I fall asleep . . . " because it's just such a cute mental image of having someone sing you to sleep. It has a slight sad undertone, but I love it for that.

"Fools" by Troye Sivan
(Cover by FarYoung)

Troye Sivan has been growing so much as an artist, and Taylor Swift even tweeted about his song "Wild", which I also love. Fools is such a good song, but since the original song has a swear word in it, I opted to put this cover in its place, which is swearing-free, but still amazing. (Also, those are some pretty good looking dudes. *le wink*)

"Better Than You" by Conor Maynard ft. Rita Ora

I recently discovered Conor's music, and while a lot of it is heavily autotuned, he does sound really good without it. This song has been my recent dancing jam, and I just love how upbeat it is.

River Flows In You by Yiruma

This song is simply piano music, but it's so gorgeous. I've been trying to reteach myself to play the piano, and I hit the ground running by trying to play this song the other day. I got pretty good at it, but my fingers feel so awkward from years of not playing, which is very sad. This song definitely reflects the river idea in its title, and it's super relaxing (also a great writing song). Lindsey Stirling also did an amazing violin and harp cover of this song, so you can click HERE if you want to see that.

2.) Books

I put this book in my last From the Bookshelf post, but I figured why not mention it here as well. This book was definitely one of those books you could read when you were younger, and not get all of the meaning then. Reading it when you're a little older and can see those underlying themes, and laugh at the little middle school crushes is totally worth it.

To Kill a Mockingbird is such an amazing classic novel, and I love this little novel that puts a girl's love for TKM to the test and all the silly thing she and her friends do to try and get people to read the book.

3.) Miscellaneous

I admit it.

I've jumped on the Pumpkin Spice Latte train. I try to make myself wait for October to have one, but I just couldn't resist and I raced to get one as soon as they came out. I usually get mine from either Starbucks or Biggby. Honestly, I tend to like cold frappuccinos over hot coffee, but I like the pumpkin spice either way. It's just makes me feel warm and very autumnal.

I'm a sucker for cheap but gorgeous makeup products. Elf usually has a good range of products like that, and they actually have really good makeup brushes as well. These two eyeshadows are the Elf Smudge Pots. "Brownie Points" is the dark brown on the left, and on the right is "Cruisin' Chic". Fall makes me reach for darker colors and richer browns, and I ADORE the shimmery colors that these two cream eyeshadows have. Cruisin' Chic is my favorite out of the two, since it's the more daytime appropriate color, but they both look fantastic on brown eyes (which I have). They also don't crease, which is a godsend for me, since my eyeshadows always crease and get weird throughout the day.

The best part? These little eyeshadow pots are $3 each. That's right. Three. Dollars. *le sob of happiness* I just think it's ridiculous to pay extremely high prices for products when you can get the same effect for way cheaper. But maybe that's just the frugal person in me talking (or the fact that I need to be saving for college).

I'm oh-so-excited because it got cold enough the other day to whip out a scarf and wear it around. I always get obsessed this time of year with cranberry colors and leather jackets as well, which just so happens to also be in this picture. (See, sometimes I plan head when I blog! Sometimes.) I only have two leather jackets at the moment. One is a reddish-maroon color (long-sleeved), and the other one is a tan color, and the sleeves only go just a little bit past my elbows. I like to wear that one when it's chilly, but not cold enough to freeze my eyebrows off.

* * *

Those are the things I was loving in September! What's something that you've been obsessed with recently? It could be a song, book, color, or whatever else floats your boat. Feel free to leave me a comment so I can discover new favorites. (:

That is all.



  1. OOH THAT EYESHADOW. I think I'm going to have to see if I can get some. Because those are gorgeous (brown works with my skin tone) and $3! (I don't even wear makeup that often.)

    I've been obsessed with Sam Tsui covers of late. And Alex Goot a bit. :)

    Books: I read A Thousand Pieces of You by Claudia Gray. Which was pretty good but not sure I'd recommend it. It had something in it that I think messed up the rest of the book. :/ But now I'm reading a cute MG. :)

    1. I'm a sucker for cheap but lovely makeup. (:

      Sam Tsui has such an amazing voice. He did a mashup of Immortals and Centuries by Fallout Boy, and it was pretty much the best thing ever.

      Aw, it's always the worst when you like a book but then there's one thing in it that ruins the whole thing. But cute MGs are always worthwhile. (:

  2. Hey Seana I just followed your blog and I enjoyed reading your posts. October is my favorite month too!! and I'm very obsessed with Fall. I also did the fun questions tag on my blog cause I found it well really fun to do and I linked your blog in that post. Well can't wait to read more from you :) xoxo

    My blog ||

    1. Aw, thank you! Welcome to my little blogosphere. (: Glad you liked the fun questions tag as well. I'll be sure to go check out your post!


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