Homecoming 2015 (Dress, Hair, and the Whole Nine Yards)

Hello, lovelies!

My homecoming dance was actually last week Saturday, on the 17th, but I figured you wouldn't mind if my little outfit showcase was a few days late.

So, let's get started, shall we?

* * *

First off, my dress and accessories:

I was honestly scrambling to find a dress this year. Lots of other high schools did their homecoming dances earlier than mine did, and there were slim pickings everywhere I went. I was finally able to find one I liked in my size at Younkers in my hometown, and I adore the color. Cranberry is one of my favorites, for fall and otherwise. I reused a pair of white heels I'd bought for a dance in the past, and paired it with a sparkly bracelet I already owned, and some sparkly earrings as well. (Which you'll see better in a moment.) I also threw on my favorite faux diamond ring, because my finger just feels naked without it.

Next, the hair!

(Oh ho, look at that magical editing that blurred out my face!) Anywho, I decided to go with a side updo (which I did myself). It's basically just a little bit of a bump on the crown on my head, and then a bunch of curls pulled to the side to create pretty much just a giant curly messy bun. You can see from the picture from the back that I clipped a pretty hair piece in to add a little bling bling to the whole look.

* * *

As for the dance itself, no I did not have a date.

But that's okay. I mean, hey, it would've been nice to have somebody ask, but going with friends is always fun.

However, I HATED the dance itself. Normally I have a good time, awkwardly dancing and wearing a pretty dress. This year though, there was a ton of drama going on (not involving me), and a ton of rumors. People were crying, the police were stopping some people from leaving, and it was just a giant mess. Even though I wasn't a part of it, there was just a ton of negative energy everywhere, and no one was having fun.

Also, the DJ this year was terrible. He started playing a bunch of old songs like Justin Bieber's "Baby", and he clumped all the slow dance songs together in a row, which made the uncomfortable singles party drag on for a while. And then there were just a bunch of songs that I just couldn't dance do because the beat was weird and no one knew the song. Sadly, I never got to do my Hank Green dance moves because of that.

It always makes me laugh during slow songs though, when I see loner guys just walking around even though there are plenty of girls who would want to dance. But I can see how it would be terrifying for a shy guy to walk into the wolf pack of girls and ask one to slow dance.

There was also this creepy dude who kept physically shoving his way into the group of girls I was dancing with (he actually pushed me at one point to get into the circle). And then he'd go all out with his dance moves and it got really awkward really quick. The worst part was that creepy dude thought it was a great idea to keep coming over by where I was and start doing the creepy dude shuffle. *shudders*

* * *

Hopefully your homecoming dances were better than mine if you went to one. If you did, for sure leave a comment below and tell me what color dress you had. I'm sure you all looked fabulous.

That is all.



  1. Your dress and hair are so pretty!!!

    I'm going to a dance tonight, not for homecoming or anything, just a fall swing dance for homeschoolers. The last one I went to was at the end of May and all my friends were there and I got to dance with my crush a lot, but this time, only a few people I know are going to be there... :(
    The DJ took the "homeschool dance" thing a little too seriously and didn't play ANY pop songs, just really fast jazzy music, or really slow music to waltz to. (We homeschoolers are weird, almost all of us know how to waltz, tango, do a Virginia reel and old dances from the 20's)

    But I'm really excited for tonight, because I just got a really pretty dress!!!! :) It's kind of tight-ish, goes to about my knees, has this really cool Aztec/color block pattern in blue, black and orange. Then it has these really huge bell sleeves.

    I am hopeless at doing my own hair, so I probably will just curl it and skip the fancy updo. :/

    Ugh, no creepy dude shuffles for me. *shudders with you*

    ~D. Skye <3

    1. Thank you! (:

      I think we have a swing dance thing coming up soon too, but I've never gone to one. I learned how to swing dance once upon a time, but who knows if I even remember all the moves? Hopefully your crush shows up. *wink wink nudge nudge*

      That's kind of amazing though that you know how to waltz and tango. Like I know how to do the fake-tango where you just strut around for a while, but I've always wanted to learn to waltz in a ballgown like they do in movies.

      Your dress sounds gorgeous! Bell sleeves always seem super princess-y and pretty, but I don't really own too many things with those kinds of sleeves.

      Haha, if we lived by each other, I could come whip your hair into an updo for you, but alas, the internet hasn't advanced to the point where hair can be styled from afar. (:

      I've never even spoken to the guy before. People tell me he's new, but that makes him no less creepy doing his little shuffle.

    2. Yeah, so I knew like three people there... I did get to meet one of my friend's boyfriend, and he was really cute and nice. :) I also got to catch up with another friend that I hadn't seen in a while. No one asked me to dance, so I didn't dance one on one. But during the one pop song that they played, I busted out my spectacular dance moves. (I looked like a spastic porcupine).

      Swing dances are a lot of fun. When you see couples doing it well, it's really cool to watch. Waltzes are really easy, and they look really hard, but really fantastic when you know how to. Tangoes are actually pretty hard, so most people end up doing the strutting thing. :)

      I would love for you to come do my hair! I will look into virtual hair-doing... I even managed to mess up curling my hair. You'd think that since my hair is mostly curly, it would hold a curl, but the curls fell out as soon as I curled it. I had to straighten it which ended up looking better than the curls would have, but all that to say, I am absolutely HOPELESS at doing my hair. So as soon as help comes along, I will definitely accept it. :)

      ~D .Skye <3

    3. Haha, a spastic porcupine, that's amazing. Well those dumbo boys just didn't realize how cool you are, so that's probably why they didn't ask you. That, and if they did know your coolness, they were probably intimidated. (:

      Is swing dancing from the 50s? I feel like I associate it with that era and the really fun dresses everyone wore. I would totally live in the 50s if I could. That or like the time when Tessa, Will, and Jem lived because then I could go visit them and hug Will repeatedly (and possibly woo him with my awkward dancing).

      Aw, haha, you poor thing. My friend has SUPER thick hair, and while I managed to get it to curl, it took a bucket of hairspray and a ton of patience. I straightened her hair once too, and that took way less time, but it still looked really pretty since it's normally hard to tame. (: There should totally be a little blogger festival thing like they have for YouTubers so that bloggers can get together and meet other bloggers and readers. That would be so cool.

    4. Yeah, I'm totally cool and intimidating...this is what happens when my brother is around to shove guys at me...

      Swing dancing is from the 20's-40's. Awkward dancing for the win! (We might have to fight over Will, but you could convince me to hang out with Jem for a while. Bring Gideon Lightwood too...)

      Straightening is so much easier. And YES! That would be so fun!

      ~D. Skye <3

    5. Haha, I have two older brothers, and they're both very tall and very intimidating when they need to be. (: Much more than my little munchkin self.

      I only know self defense, so my offensive skills would not be up to par. (Please tell me you're not a black belt karate person, because as much as I love Will, I'd like to avoid a black eye.) (: I would bring Gideon along, but I ship him and Sophie too much to take him away from her.

    6. Whoops, I meant isn't. Yes, my brother actually forces random guys to dance with me. :/

      And, you are lucky this time, I don't know karate. I really should learn some type of self defense though. (I would prefer Gideon, but I could settle for Gabriel...don't tell Will)

      ~D. Skye <3

    7. Really? Eep! I don't know what I would do if my brothers did that. (:

      Ooh, Des plus a Lightworm! Will would be horrified, haha.

  2. This might sound stupid, but what is homecoming? I'm from England and we don't have that here, we have prom at the end of the last year of school, if it's kinda like that?
    haha sorry I feel so stupid now -_-
    -Cait xx


    1. Aw, haha, don't feel dumb. (: I feel like it's more of an American thing anyway. Homecoming is basically the final home football (American football, not soccer) game of the season that's at your high school. Usually they bring back Alumni (people who graduated from my school in the past) sideline cheerleaders and for my Living Hope singing group, we brought back some Alumni Living Hope singers for the national anthem.

      The day after is when we have the actual homecoming dance, and everyone gets dressed up, usually in short dresses as opposed to long prom dresses. For my school at least, prom is reserved for the two upperclassmen grades to make it more special than having the entire school able to go to prom right away. Ours is usually in the spring at the end of the year too.

    2. That's so sad that you don't have it there! But it does give you more time to plan on prom. (:

  3. Ugh, I hate dances when the music is hard to dance to. That's always our homecoming dance at my university. Your dress and hair are lovely, though! And half the fun of homecoming is getting ready. My dress for homecoming this year was the same one I wore last year - white with a black lace overlay and one strap.

    1. Aw, thank you! (: I totally agree. If you have a group of people to get ready with and goof of with, it makes the night way more fun. Your dress sounds gorgeous, by the way!

  4. Beautiful! That's seriously such a gorgeous dress, you look fab.

    My dance is on the 17th of December, and no I do not have a dress yet, OOPS! The perks of living in Scotland is that it's ceilidh dancing so there's no awkward single dancing and no hard-to-dance-to songs, just lots of violins and really great fast dances. (The sound system will probably get hijacked at one point for Uptown Funk, but that is all.)

    1. Thanks, Em. (:

      That sounds kind of amazing. Is it with like a live "band" of violins, then?

    2. Yeah, it's a live ceilidh band, so there's normally two violins, a drum and an accordion :)

    3. Ah, gotcha. I've never heard of a ceilidih band. I don't think those are common in America. (:


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