What's In My Makeup Bag? (2015)

Hello, lovelies!

I did a post a while back like this one, but I figured it was time to put out an updated makeup bag post since it's probably been about a year since the last one, and I feel like my collection is more structured and better organized now. So if you were wondering what I use on my face, here it is!

(NOTE: I am in no way affiliated with these companies, nor am I trying to advertise them. I also want to add that I'm not trying to brag in any way. I love messing around with makeup, and this is just me showing where that love has taken me. Please keep that in mind while reading. Thanks!)

* * *


Starting off with brushes, I like to keep mine in a little mini Mason jar (pictured on the right). I tied a pink ribbon to it for added cuteness, and so that it wouldn't look so dark. I also keep my most reached for products in there like two of my favorite eyeliners and a concealer.

The picture on the left is just a little container that my bobby pins came in that I've recycled to hold various makeup things. I've got three concealers in there that I don't use as much, along with some purple, brown, black, and silver eyeliners. I've also got an eyeshadow stick that has an eyeliner on the other side in there. There's also some lip liner in there from  play I was in, and I've also got some eyeshadow primer and eyelash glue by Duo.


The top picture features the brushes I use on my face (from right to left: 2 concealer brushes by Elf cosmetics, blush brush by Studio M, bronzer brush by Elf, powder brush by Studio M). The bottom left features my eyeshadow brushes. The two on the right are by Elf cosmetics, and the far left is by Studio M. (I sense a running theme here! The two brushes on the right I use for my eyebrows when they're being unruly, and I'm afraid I don't know what brand they're by.


I like to use concealer under my eyes when I'm just looking especially tired and have dark circles. I'll also use them if my face is breaking out and I want to bring down the redness. The two I've been using are the Maybelline: Age Rewind Dark Circle Eraser concealers. The two colors I have pictured are light (left) and medium (right). I like the lighter one just because it doesn't go orange on my skin and oxidize weirdly like the darker one does. 

Face Powders:

And here we have the powders! I have pictured my bronzers (top left: Covergirl bronzer in 120 Spices, bottom left: NYC Smooth Skin bronzer in 720A Sunny). I'm not a fan of the Covergirl one, just because it comes out a little muddy on my skin, but the NYC one (which I'm regretting not having open for the photo) is really nice to contour out my cheekbones a little and warm up my skin.

I have two colors of blushes featured here. (Top middle: Revlon blush in 001 Oh! Baby Pink, top right: Nyx blush in PB01 Mocha). I think the Revlon one is closest to the color my cheeks go when they're naturally flushed, but I do love the Nyx blush as well.

The two powders (bottom middle: Rimmel Stay Matte Powder in 018 Creamy Beige, bottom right: unknown) that I own are in the lower row of the picture. I really love the Stay Matte powder since I have a naturally oily skin type, but sometimes this color is too dark for me in the winter, which is when I use the mysterious unknown brand powder. It doesn't work quite as well, but I don't want to buy anything new until that one is used up.

Eye Shadows:

I've got three eyeshadow palettes that I use regularly. (I also have one not pictured that's full of really bright colors that I don't wear anymore. 5th grade me thought blue eyeshadow was cute. High school me, not so much.) From left to right they are by Physician's Forumula, Almay, and L.A. Colors. 

As you can tell, I like neutral colors. My most loved color is a light brown in the far right palette, since it's really simple but gives just enough depth to my eyes. I also love using pinks from the various palettes when I'm wearing a pink-themed outfit to mix things up from my regular brown shadow look.

Mascara/Liner/Eyelash Curler:

(Left to right in top right photo: Maybelline Lash Sensational, Maybelline Great Lash, L'oreal Volumnious False Fiber Lashes, Maybelline Voluminous Butterfly, Covergirl Clump Crusher, L'oreal Telescopic Carbon Black, L'oreal Telescopic)

As you can see, I'm a bit of a mascara junkie. I can't help it. Mascara was the first makeup I ever wore, and there are so many kinds (all of which I want to try). I've always loved Maybelline mascaras as you can tell from my collection, and L'oreal Telescopic mascara is also the bomb dot com.

My eyelash curler (which looks like a torture device, I know) is by Revlon. I love love love lash curlers because I was not blessed with long, fluttery lashes, so this makes my stick straight ones have a little bit of lift to them.

The bottom picture is of my Nyx eyeliners in 001 Black and 005 Nude. I like the black one for tight-lining my eyes (which is lining along the top lashline as oppose to on your eyelid itself), and I put the nude one in my lower waterline just to make my eyes look a bit larger and more awake.


I'm usually pretty low-maintenance when it comes to my lips. Usually I'll just slap on some chapstick and maybe some gloss and be good to go. My chapsticks are pictured in the lower left photo (Nivea Kiss of Berry Swirl and Kiss of Shimmer). I'm a huge fan of the Nyx glosses because they're cheap, and they have a pretty decent color range. (Lower right photo from left to right: Nyx Tea Rose, Beige, Natural and Mary Kay Beach Bronze gloss.)

Every once and a while my life demands I be fancy, and that's why I have two lipsticks. The lipstick on the left is called Just Garnet and is by Wet 'N Wild. I only have that one because of a play I was in, and it's way too red for wearing daily. The one on the right is called Touch of Spices by Maybelline. It's a little darker than my natural lip color, but the color does get lighter when I put the Nyx Natural gloss over top.


Although it's not technically makeup, I am a big fan of perfume. Deodorant can only take you so far after all. These two are by Bath & Body Works, which is my favorite place to buy perfumes. The one on the left is called Tokyo Lotus and Apple Blossom, and the one on the right is called Hello Sunshine.

The Hello Sunshine one is my favorite for summer because it honestly just smells like summer. Very beachy smelling, and it smells just like it's name. Like sunshine in a field of flowers, but not too sweet.

The Tokyo one is much sweeter smelling, which is why I like it for winter. It's a little sharper of a scent than the other one, which is why it reminds me of winter, what with all the snow and ice everywhere. It's not one to be sprayed with a heavy hand though, as it can be overpowering.

So if you were wondering how I smelled, just check the season and give the corresponding perfume a sniff.


And of course, after you put makeup on, you've got to have some way to take it off, yes? I like to first wipe off the majority of my face makeup with a makeup wipe. The ones in the right picture are just some standard ones I got from the store; they're not anything special. And then using the coconut oil that's in the little container, I put some on my finger and then use it to get my mascara off. It works WONDERS. Instead of rubbing at my eyes with a cloth, I can just take some coconut oil and give my eyes a few swipes and the mascara comes off much easier. Then I'll take the wipe and get the mascara remnants off my face so I don't have panda-eyes.

Finally to top things off, I use Tom's Daily Moisture bar soap to wash my face. I like it because it doesn't use as many harsh chemicals like some other soaps do. My face breaks out easily, and the gentler I can be on my skin, the better. So I'll just soap up my face and then rinse it off using water.

 * * *

If you've made it to the end, huzzah! This post was verrrrrry long, so I'll award you an invisible teddy bear for making it all the way through. Hope you enjoyed seeing what my makeup collection looks like. And don't worry, I'll have more bookish posts coming soon.

That is all.



  1. *Hugs invisible teddy bear* I love looking at other people's makeup, especially because I have a lot of dance friends, and because of performances they're always makeup junkies. (We need a break from bookish posts anyway)

    1. I have a friend who used to be in dance, and I was always confused why she had to wear fake eyelashes, haha. I did ballet for a while, and I wore a bright pink lipstick for the first time at a performance, so maybe that's what's hooked me into the makeup world. (:

  2. Wow. I am in awe at your collection.

    I wore mascara once. It was for a show and my little sister told me that I looked weird and I really shouldn't wear makeup. It probably didn't help that I didn't know how to make mascara actually look good.... :)

    Eyelash curlers look scary. *shudders*
    Is it possible to cut your eyelashes off with them?

    With that lovely thought, I shall gracefully accept that invisible teddy bear and treasure it my whole life.

    ~D. Skye <3

    1. *bows majestically* Why, thank you. (:

      Haha, if we lived closer to each other then I would come over and we could do complete makeovers and I could do your hair. It'd be so fun to be a costmetologist, but I don't think that's the career path I'm headed on, even though I'm obsessed with doing hair.

      They do look a bit like torture devices, I'll admit. (: I highly doubt you can cut your eyelashes off unless they're like super brittle and dry. Some people just have problems because their eyelashes are so fine that they just kinda fall out (which is totally gross, sorry) when they use one. I've never had a problem though.

      Huzzah! I knew my huge shipment would come in handy someday!

  3. I love all your posts! You have this way of writing which hooks you in, I always look forward to your posts, and look up to you as a fellow blogger :)
    Wow, that's quite the collection of mascara you have there! And those lipsticks are to die for!
    Thankyou for the invisible teddybear! :)
    -Cait xx


    1. Oh my gosh, that's so sweet of you to say! (: Thank you! I love blogging, and hearing people like you saying you love my posts makes it all worthwhile.

      What can I say? I'm a guilty mascara hoarder. (: Lipstick just makes me feel like a fancy lady whenever I wear it.

      You're welcome! Everyone wants a teddy bear once and a while, don't they? (:


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