Real Talk: Anxiety and Panic Attacks

Recently I've been getting a lot of emails and messages from you guys through various social media things about the topic of anxiety. A lot of you were saying how you struggle with anxiety every day, and you wish you wouldn't have panic attacks. Your stories were heartbreaking, but you all are so strong. I dedicate this post to you.

I wrote a post a while ago about a panic attack I had in a store when I was out shopping. I've never been someone who really struggled with anxiety, but I have had a few panic attacks since then. To me, a panic attack feels like I'm drowning and I can't think, I can't breathe, and it's like I shut down while my body starts shaking. I'm starting to figure out the things/situations that trigger my panic attacks, and while I try to avoid them, if I can't I force myself to power through it. That's just the kind of person I am. My panic attacks are generally brought about when I'm in a situation that's out of my control. It's usually a mundane, boring place, but something happens where I feel like everything is slipping and I can't catch up with all of the blinding colors and flashing lights. And then panic sets in because of fear. You get the gist.

There was one person in particular whose email stood out to me. She said she struggled with panic attacks and she was terrified that her boyfriend would see her having one and decide to give up on her because, let's be real, panic attacks are messy. For both the person experiencing it, and for those around them. My best advice for you is to talk with him about it. Just lay everything out there. If he can't handle that, and if he decides he's going to walk away, then he wasn't good for you anyway. The people around you should be people who love and adore you. All of you.

Anxiety is something that I feel like more and more teenagers are experiencing. Part of that is because of the media. There's so many expectations, and there's so much more bullying/cyberbullying happening. I was even told once on Twitter to kill myself. This kind of thing is not okay. People don't say that they have anxiety to get attention. Anxiety freaking sucks. A lot. And so do panic attacks. On the bright side, there are so many wonderful role models out there. YouTubers like Zoe Sugg (Zoella), Jaclyn Hill, and Tanya Burr who all struggled and still struggle with anxiety. Zoe in particular has some really lovely videos about dealing with it. These ladies are gorgeous, and this just goes to show that no matter how perfect someone's life is, you have to be kind and loving because underneath they could be struggling with things you can't even imagine.

Zoe (left) and Tanya (right)
Jaclyn Hill
Even though anxiety is one of the worst things you can deal with in life, mostly because it's so uncontrollable, my advice is to never let it get in your way. I know it can be crippling at times, but don't let it stop you from opportunities. My biggest thing is that I get overpowered by fear, and fear is mostly caused by the unknown. The biggest thing is to step back and take a look at everything good in your life. Think about the things that you can control and things that you love. If it helps, bring a certain person to mind that always makes you smile. Whatever it is, just remember that you are not alone.

Even if it feels like no one understands, just keep this little thought in the back of your mind that I love you and I will always be here for you if you need me, okay?

Well. I feel like this post was long, but it needed to be said. But I don't want you guys leaving this post feeling sad or anything like that, so I'm going to stick this gif at the end to brighten the mood.

That is all.

I love you,


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