April/May Favorites

Hello, lovelies! April flew by, and May is basically over. I'm stunned, to be honest, but a new month means new favorites so I suppose it's not all bad. Here's what I've been loving these past few months.

* * *

1.) Music

Okay. The Pandora radio station thingymabob has become my addiction. But it's so easy to just pop it on and have songs that I like just instantly appear, which is amazing. These are just some of the songs I've been loving recently.

Ed SheeranL "Tenerife Sea" and "Photograph"

These two songs are just . . . the epitome of everything that is lyrical genius. Ed Sheeran has always had a way with words and he's so good at blending his music and creating beautiful pictures. Tenerife Sea is just the most adorable love song I've ever heard, and the Photograph music video is really cute because it's all old home videos from Ed Sheeran's life.

Shawn Mendes: "Imagination" and "Stitches"

Shawn Mendes is insanely talented for being 16 (like moi!). His voice has a soft but electric edge to it, and his song Imagination is such a sweet song about dreams. I also adore Stitches because it's definitely a song I can dance horribly to.

Relient K: "Let It All Out"

It feels so mismatched when you go from verse to chorus and then later towards the end of the song, but it's unorganized in the best way. I was introduced to this song by the hilarious YouTube makeup artist Jaclyn Hill, and I just fell in love with it. It's sad, but there's some really gorgeous underlying tones to it that make the song so unique.

Panic! At the Disco: "Nine In the Afternoon"

I'm not quite sure why I like this song. I think it just has a really bubbly feel to it, without feeling overly cheesy. It puts me in a good mood whenever I hear it.

Secondhand Serenade: "Fall For You"

This song just feels so mellow but intense at the same time, and I really love the singer's voice. I haven't heard too many other songs by this group, but I do really enjoy this one.

Emblem3: "3000 Miles"

I want to say this band was on the X Factor, but I don't know for sure. I really liked this song, because the words behind it and the melody work really perfectly together and the first time I heard it I became a little obsessed. I just don't like how it has a little bit of that "typical boy band" feel to it.

2.) Books

(If you want to see more of the books I've read recently, you can click HERE.)

3.) Miscellaneous

Rompers! *le squeal*

I admit, I'm obsessed. I love rompers so much. It's basically a dress, but shorts, so you don't have to worry about accidentally flashing someone or having a gust of wind kick up the skirt part. Also, rompers are a whole outfit, so you don't have to waste time in the morning trying to find a shirt and a pair of shorts that match. You can just grab this little dude and voila! Instant outfit. I have a black one and a black and white patterned one, and I would wear them every single day if that was socially acceptable.

Also, can we talk about Tumblr? I don't have one, but I'll always see Tumblr posts floating around the internet, and some of them are hilarious.

This first one just made me laugh because how cute would that be to see a bunch of angels trying to pair people up.

And then Tumblr just gets one of those posts where you sit there going, "Wow. Same."

And then out of NO WHERE Tumblr suddenly gets deep. This is why I think Tumblr posts are some of the best things that have been created ever. Perhaps someday I'll have to get on the Tumblr bandwagon.

My last favorite of this little two-month installment is this gif:

Now, it's about 500 times funnier if you actually blow on your screen like it tells you to. If you didn't do it the first time, I highly encourage you to do it now, because the first time I did it I was cry-laughing for a good half hour. It was kind of amazing.

* * *

Those are all my favorites! Sorry about going MIA again. I could give you a boatload of boring, vapid, and ridiculous reasons why I wasn't blogging, but you don't want to hear them. (: Things might stay fluctuating for a little bit since I have exams coming up, but summer should give me a chance to get my act together.

That is all.


(Also: Happy Memorial Day, as it'll be Memorial Day when this gets published. Take care to remember the soldiers who fought for your country, and thank one if you know one.)


  1. Tumblr is fantastic. The second one is completely true. The weirdest is when my brother and I are reading the same book and we both pronounce the main character's name differently. Then one of us starts talking about the book and we can't figure out which pronunciation is correct.

    And thank you for killing me with that gif. Where do you find these things??

    ~D. Skye <3

    1. I had that with a friend the first time we read Hunger Games. I thought Cinna's name was pronounced "See-nah", and she thought it was like how you pronounce cinnamon. (The movie version says she's correct, but I like my pronunciation better, haha.)

      Ah, yes, the magical cow gif of magical things? I actually saw that in a YouTube video, and I took it upon myself to find out if such a thing truly existed. I wasn't disappointed. (:

  2. SEANA! We are obviously spirit twins because Tenerife Sea and Photographs are my two favourite songs off X, too! (Though I really love I'm a Mess ... and Afire Love ... and Don't ... and Bloodstream ... basically, it's a perfect album. He is perfect. I love him more than most of the real people in my life. We're getting married. He doesn't know yet. But trivialities.)

    Listening to Stitches which is really good!

    TUMBLR. The best thing ever. I follow The Best of Tumblr on Facebook (social media-ception) and spend far too long reading it. It's a beautiful place. (I mean apart from all the very unsavoury parts. Beautiful otherwise.)

    I hope exams go well! X

    1. MY FELLOW ED SHEERAN FAN! Bloodstream is amazing too. He had a terrific album, and I adore his voice. Can I come to the wedding? I can assist you in getting him to actually show up at your wedding if you need it. (:

      Stitches is such a good song. It gets me pumped up and ready to have a dance off. (Well, almost.)

      Tumblr is basically where all of the crazy goodness from other social media goes. There are the slightly, hmm, distasteful parts as you mentioned, but there are also a weird amount of teenage geniuses on that site.

      Thank you! I'm studying like it's my job right now.

  3. Stitches is so good.
    I'm a little bit of an Ed Sheeran fan, but my main musical obsession is Peter Hollens. His cover of I See Fire --*squee!*

    And Tumblr! Ah Tumblr. I quite enjoy Tumblr, most of the time. Do you have a Tumblr, Sea?

    ~The Unstoppable Child

    1. Stitches is definitely one of his best songs, and that's saying something since they're all amazeballs.

      YOU LIKE PETER HOLLENS AS WELL?! Eee! His I See Fire cover was so amazing, and I love love love his Parting Glass one. And his Misty Mountains cover. And just . . . everything!

      I considered making an account, but I never got around to it. (:

  4. *makes note to listen to more Shawn Mendez*


    Tumblr is fun. It can have distasteful language frequently, but there is also awesome fandom stuff and beautiful art and other cool stuff. SO...



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