A Resolute New Year

Hello, beautiful people of the internet! (Changing up that intro, oh yeahhhh.)

It's a new year! Let us celebrate with the traditional celebratory Hank Green gif.

I'm not usually one to do New Year's resolutions. They just tend to never work out, and I find myself making a pretty basic list that just doesn't get done. This year, instead of making a checklist that I'd just be going through, I'm just gonna set a few goals that I'd like to do more of this year and things along those lines.

So. Without further ado, let's get to it!


1.) Be More Open

I can be pretty closed off if I choose to be, and that's really not an aspect about myself that I like. So for 2015, I'm challenging myself to be more open, and not let my fears get in the way from telling people how I feel or my opinions.

2.) Be Less Hard On Myself

You might have heard that saying that says you are your own worst critic. That's completely me.

It sometimes get to the point where I beat myself up so much about something I could've done better, that it just leaves me feeling really bad about myself for days. You're probably not so extreme, but I think overall we just need to learn to accept mistakes. We're only human after all.

3.) Take More Risks

I'm not that girl that will jump at every opportunity to leave the loveliness that is my comfort zone bubble. That has never been my skill set, and being timid sometimes has made me miss out on so many opportunities that I could've had if I'd been willing to take a chance. This year, I want less missed chances.

4.) Be There For More People

In my friend groups, I'm usually the listener. If someone has a problem, I will drop everything to help them in a heartbeat. But I know there are people out there who just need a shoulder, but they're too scared or too shy to ask. So this year I want to be there for more people who just need a friend.

5.) Avoid Losing Myself

2014 was a pretty rough year for me, emotionally, and this year I don't ever want to go back there. I lost myself in trying to be who people expected me to be, and this year I want to just be who I am, and not try to live up to the labels. I don't want to lose sight of what's important, and to do that, I need to cling to who I am with everything that I have.

6.) Laugh More and Listen to Good Songs

Although I already do these both, this year I want to make sure that I don't lose the laughter that I've held onto. I'm a bit of a jokester, and making other people laugh and laughing along with them is definitely something I want 2015 to be full of.

Along similar lines, I want to listen to and discover more favorite songs this year, and build up my regimen of dance party songs. It'll give me a chance to dance like Hank Green, so why not?

7.) Make A New Friend (Because Friendship, Yay!)

I'm decently good at meeting new people, but this year I'd like to meet someone new or start hanging out with someone that I normally wouldn't, and make a new friend through that. Sounds a little cheesey, but that's one of my goals. Even if I already am friends with them, then I'd like to become better friends with at least one person.

8.) Appreciate More Little Things

This year I just want to go take more long walks, admire more sunsets, and take time to laugh at a squirrel's antics, or the way my neighbor's cat reacts to noisy children. I want this year to be full of big things, sure, but I want to take more time to appreciate star filled nights and bonfires with my best friends. Because sometimes the biggest things are made up a bunch of tiny things.


That's my list of goals for 2015. What are yours? I hope that whatever you get up to this year, that it's filled with everything that makes you happy, and teaches you things that you never thought you'd learn.

That is all.


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