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It's the last week of Guestober. *sob* While it's sad to see Guestober go, this week I'll be featuring, not one, but two lovely guest posters, which is something to look forward to. One of them is today's guest, and the other is a published author. Huzzah!

Today's guest poster comes from Liam of This Page Intentionally Left Blank. Liam is a teenage writer whose blog has 2,000+ followers and counting. He's also co-blogging superhero on the YAvengers blog, which I highly recommend for writing tips and Avengers fun. Aside from being moderately famous in the blogosphere, Liam has been one of my internet friends for years, and he's an overall hilarious and wonderful guy. Take it away, Liam!


Wearing Your Emotions

Some people guest post about glitter.  Some post about writing.  Many post about whatever pops into their head. I have guest posted about the color blue. I have guest posted about blogging.  I have even posted about conspiracy theories.

Today I’m going to post about clothes.  Because why not?  It’s not like I have a reputation for writing tips or being a superhero on this blog.  (Thanks, Seana, for the opportunity.)

I’m not the sort of person who bothers a lot about clothes.  I tend to make sure that I don’t wear my shoes on the wrong feet, or a green shirt with pink pants, or a hat on my elbow-- beyond that, however, I don’t usually care.  But there is one thing I’ve learned over the years of wrapping myself in cloth.

What you wear affects your emotions.

(Whoa, Liam, that sounds really intense.  Don’t make this one of your psychoanalysis posts.)

I don’t know if this is true for everyone, but it seems to be true for me.  When I put on pajamas, I start yawning. When I put on a formal coat, I feel posh.  When I wear a superhero T-shirt…

You may not know this, but I’m homeschooled.  Many who hear this ask me if I get to do school in my pajamas.  I will point them to the sentence above: what you wear affects your emotions.  What do I mean?  It’s simple, actually. My worst tests were taken in pajamas.  I always feel tired, less profound, and less awesome when I’m in my pajamas, as if I’m ready for sleep.  It’s become a rule for me: if I want to think, get dressed.

The opposite is true for just about everything.  Like I said before, if I wear something professional, I feel professional.  If I wear something that I like, something that’s comfortable, I’ll feel comfortable.  It’s not rocket science, but once you start turning it on its head, it can get pretty fun.

For instance, on days when I want confidence, I wear my Superman shirt.  Once in a while, when I want to be extremely productive, I’ll wear a collared shirt.  Today, as I write this, I’m wearing what I imagine popular people would wear, because Seana made me feel popular by giving me this post.

It’s the art of manipulating emotional and mental state via costume.  Anyone can do it, however they like.

Is this true for everyone?  Can it work for you?  I think it can, based on a simple test.  When you’re cold, try putting on a sweater.  Do you feel warmer now?  If so, your mood can be affected by clothing.  (Yes, I’m basing this post on that argument.)  Put on a sweater when you want to feel warm.  Take it off when you get too warm.  Put on a bright shirt when you want to feel happy.  Put on a dark one when you’d rather be serious.  Put on jeans when you want to feel ready for anything.  Put on sweatpants when you want to do something repetitive and mind-numbing.  Put on a fedora when you feel very noir and Humphrey Bogart-ish.  The possibilities are endless.

I’m not asking much.  I’m not asking you to carve out your own personal style, or even to make sure your shirt agrees with your pants.  I’m not asking anything, really.  But consider it.  Want to feel smarter, more in control, more comfortable?  Find something that makes you feel that way.

Thanks again to Seana for letting me have this slightly strange guest post.  I bid you all adieu—in the words of Seana herself, that is all.



  1. Lovely post! And I agree totally! I'm more productive when I'm not in pajamas and nice clothes make me feel nice. (Make-up is very much the same, though I imagine you don't know much about that.)



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