Guestober: Kat

Welcome to Guestober post #1!

We're kicking this Guestober off with one of my good friends, Kat. She's a blogger over at Word Spillers, and she's everything geeky and awesome all in one. Without further ado, here she is. The one and only Kat!


Hello, my name is Kat, and I am a newbie book blogger from the blog Word Spillers (URL: Thank you so much to Seana for letting me guest post today on her blog (cheers). Now, I had to go through the tedious yet perplexing task of choosing a topic to post about. And since I am a book blogger, and this is a book blog, I decided to advise you all on the very essence of book blogging:


Yes, yes, yes, I know we are also to recieve, read, review, and recommend books (the 4Rs of Book Blogging;) ) but those are all side effects of...

FANGIRLING. (and FANBOYING. I'm not one to be sexist.)

I fangirl many books/series/authors (The Fault in Our Stars, Lunar Chronicles, Ally Carter, etc.) and I am here today to be your guide on your treacherous yet fulfilling journey of fangirling (book edition).

Firstly, book lovers gotta be quote lovers. I have lots and lots of quotes taped to my walls, and I can say a lot of them (even the long ones) off the top of my head:

I believe the universe wants to be noticed. I think the universe is improbably biased towards the consciousness. That it rewards intelligence in part because it enjoys its elegance being observed. And who am I, living in the middle of history, to tell the universe that it or my observation of it is temporary?

-The Fault in Our Stars (memorized by Kat)

The quotes are the words left to remember even after we finish the book (nice phrasing, Kat *pats self on back*), so always take the time to look back for a quote or two.

You wanna take your fangirling to the next level? Follow or write a site or blog. Mingle with those who have the same bookish obsessions as you. Rave together (get yourself a raving buddy). Most fandoms have a wikia page or a social media community - it doesn't even have to be a blog! Express your love of books to the people of the world wide web. This is what most of us book bloggers do. 

Bonus tip: Find and follow the author's blog. I follow the blog of Marissa Meyer, author of Lunar Chronicles, and Veronica Roth, author of Divergent, and am on the lookout for more. Getting to know where your favorite books come from is always interesting; that's why a lot of book bloggers post author interviews. And kudos if you can start up a conversation with your favorite author! *high fives*

So, fangirlers and fangirl wannabes everywhere, if you think that you're so obsessed and nerdy, explore the fangirl community and you will be clearly mistaken. There are people most passionate than you! (I promise.)

Fangirling: my book blogging life.

Once again, thank you to Seana for having me and please visit my blog! (applause as I exit...!)

-Kat <3


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