Goodbye, Little One

I lost my dog this past Wednesday. She had been sick for about the past week leading up to when we had to put her down, and she'd had arthritis for a while, so I suppose it was for the best. But . . . it hurt to let her go.

I know it's a little silly that I care so much about her, because after all, she was only a dog. But I grew up with her running by my side during my elementary years, and then about a decade later she was still with me in high school listening to me rant about anything and everything. I always knew someday she would die, but I never really saw it as a real possibility.

Until now.

My parents came home after bringing her to the vet, and two words from my dad reduced me to tears. "She's gone," was all he said. I couldn't control myself. I burst into a mess of tears and mascara, sobbing. I spilled tears on part of my homework, but at that point I didn't care. She had been my best furry friend for most of my life, and now she was gone. There would be no one I could share my secrets with or cuddle with when it was cold. And I felt hollow for days afterward. I couldn't talk about it without my voice threatening to break or tears brimming in my eyes. I was a mess, to be honest.

I slapped on my brave, smiley, cheerful face that I've always put on in the past, which helped a little bit, but not completely. I know it probably sounds a little stupid to some of you, but I miss my dog. A lot. So if my posts during the next while aren't up to snuff, this is why. I'm suffering from post loss-of-dog-syndrome and I don't know the cure.

Her name was Zoie.

That is all.



  1. *HUGS.*
    This is so sad!
    *MORE HUGS.*

  2. Oh Seana, i'm so SO SORRY!! I know how you feel. I had lost my dear rabbit years ago and up to this day, it still saddens me when I think of him but I know I will see him again in heaven. You will too with Zoie. Big hugs!!❤️

    1. Aw, I'm sorry about your rabbit. He sounds lovely. (: It's just really hard to see the places where she would always lay and where her toys always were without thinking of her. But I suppose heaven needed a new watchdog, eh?

    2. Aw yeah. She will play with you again someday. And I understand how painful it is to look at the spots she used to be. It will get a little bit better at a time, just keep hanging on.

  3. Hugs from my end of the blogosphere too <3

  4. Aww, *hugs and pats shoulder*.
    RIP Zoie <3

  5. I ditto all the hugs. I'm so sorry. *hugs*


  6. * HUGS! * Millions and billions of hugs!
    I hope you feel better!

    ~D. Skye <3

  7. Seana! You say in this post "I know she was a just a dog", but as someone with dogs I know that she was far more than that; she was a friend, a family member, and unlike the humans in your life you were her whole world. She loved you unconditionally, she was always pleased to see you. I've not yet lost a dog but I have three and I can imagine the pain that will come in the future.

    Stay strong and I hope you can have happy memories of Zoie without all the pain attached very soon <3 <3 <3


    1. It was honestly one of the hardest things I've been through. Dogs are amazing friends, and I wish I could've spent more time with my best friend. She was lovely, though, so. I'm doing my best to remember all the fun we had. (:

  8. (Tear). I am so sorry Seana. I will treasure the books she sat on :).
    ~A.J. Ryan

    1. Thank you, A.J. (: Sorry again about your books.


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