10 Things Disney Heroines Taught Me

Hello again, lovelies!

As far as I know, there is probably a high chance that you're a Disney fanatic like myself. Go on, admit it.

While the Disney princesses are known to be naive, a little out there, and have amazing animal powers that make squirrels wash their dishes, they've all taught me something. Here are 10 things that Disney heroines have taught me over the years.

1.) It doesn't matter if you're a girl.
I've always been competitive, and heroines like Mulan and Megara have taught me that you can fight for yourself, even if the odds are stacked against you.

2.) If you sing, the animals will come.
Snow White had magical singing powers that summoned wildlife, so what's to say that I don't? I'll be testing this theory in a little bit. (So if you hear some majestic opera floating through your window, that's probably just me.)

3.) There's a 95% chance your hair is a.) flawless and/or b.) magical.
Let's be real. Rapunzel had a gargantuan amount of hair, and not only were there no split ends in sight, it was also magical. I'm a little bit jealous that I'm part of the 5% without magic hair.

4.) A little sparkle never hurt.

5.) Be brave no matter what.
There's a ton of heroines in the Disney world who showed a serious amount of fearlessness, and they definitely inspire me to put my brave face on.

6.) Chase your dreams.
It doesn't matter if your dream is to become the best unicorn zookeeper or to travel the world. Never, ever let go of the thing that your heart desires. Sometimes the best dream come true is the one you've worked so hard to get.

7.) "I don't dance" is not a thing.
Every Disney movie features some kind of dancing, be it ballroom or quickstep or something in between. Apparently my excuse of "I don't dance" isn't valid anymore.

8.) You need a sidekick.
From Ariel's buddy Flounder to Olaf the snowman, almost every Disney heroine has a sidekick. Usually it's an animal, so I'll be making a mental note to get a tiger sometime.

9.) It's what's in your heart that counts.
Cinderella wasn't the most popular person, nor was she the most talented in the world. But she was kind and caring to the little mice that were her friends, and that genuine kindness was one of her strongest points.

10.) True love? Sounds like a plan.
And lastly, Disney never ceases to remind me that love is something that can conquer anything.

So, my fellow Disney-ites, what are some things Disney has taught you?

That is all.


  1. *prepares for harsh backlash*
    Ehh, to be honest Disney's never been my favorite. I find their movies a tad cheesy, and many of them full of unrealistic stories of true love. I mean, I get that they're fairy tales, but the whole happy-singing-with-startlingly-humanlike-animals doesn't appeal to me personally. The movies are cute, though, and a nice way to cheer myself up if I'm feeling down.

    I have to say a few Disney movies feature some not-so-great ideas, but I think a lot of them actually come from the original fairy tale. Like: girls should give up everything they know and have to chase after a guy they've never really met but still fell in love with mostly because of his looks (if I'm not mistaken, this is kind of what The Little Mermaid did in both the Disney movie and the original tale).

    And also, insta-love is a big pet peeve of mine when it appears in books, and instant "true love" is a pretty huge thing in Disney fairy tales (Cinderella and the prince only danced for what couldn't have been many hours; Anna and Kristoff did have a pretty adventurous two days, but that's seriously not enough time to know that you love someone, is it?)

    Speaking of, Cinderella is one of my least favorite fairy tales ever, but I suppose I should save that ranty explanation for another time (unless you're interested..) xD Sorry for bringing a rather negative aspect to your comment section, those are just my opinions.

    P.S. Despite my opinions of other movies and the fact that the plot is alarmingly predictable, Merida is still pretty cool.

    1. I completely understand where you're coming from with the issue of true love. It's pretty unrealistic for people to fall in love that quickly, but I'm one of those hopeless romantic type people that love that idea that you could meet someone one day that completely changes your life. (:

      I don't support the idea of changing who you are just to go after a guy (i.e. Ariel), but I do like the idea of loving someone so much that you're willing to do anything for them (i.e. Anna).

      Why did you dislike Cinderella so much?

    2. Oh, yes, having an amazing person appear in your life would be very nice, but in my pessimistic opinion, those types of instantaneous better true loves are better kept in diaries and daydreams, not anything that really needs to be blown up into a big movie franchise. (I feel like I'm coming off as that stereotypical villain who doesn't believe in love/hopes/dreams... rest assured, I'm not always so negative about things xD)

      As for Cinderella, this is based off the version in a picture book I own, I think it's more or less similar to the Disney version, but please correct me if I'm wrong.
      My main issue with the story is how superficial it is. Cinderella clearly is living a harsh, almost slave-like life, but that darker aspect (that, in my crazy mind, could be emphasized to shed light upon human trafficking around the world.. but I digress) is skated over, showing Cinderella doing some boring chores and talking to animals.
      And then the whole ball scenario appears, and Cinderella is going to give up hope because she doesn't think she has a nice enough dress. (Now, while I respect that formal dress can be used as a sign of respect and to signify a special occasion, it still kind of ticked me off that there was so much emphasis on omigosh-I-need-to-have-a-fancy-gown). So the fairy godmother swoops in to save the day, and above all things, the magical guardian decides to give Cinderella a pretty dress and fancy transport.
      Then we come to my least favorite part; the ball itself. Cinderella comes in, and *wow*!! She's so pretty! Everyone is stunned by her gorgeous dress and hair and face, including the prince, who comes up to greet her (most likely because he noticed how pretty she is.) They dance for several hours, which is kinda sweet but by no means enough for a person to fall in love, let alone make the life-changing decision of marriage.
      But of course, midnight comes, and Cinderella is extremely embarrassed that her pretty dress will go away, so she runs off. The glass slippers don't change back for unknown reasons, and Cinderella and the prince marry (after which presumably they spend all their time dancing, since that seems to be the only thing they like about each other at the story's end).

      I know I'm being unfair in the comments I made above; after all it is a fairy tale and isn't long enough a story to go into too much detail. However, I still stand by everything I said... I don't much like Cinderella's story :/

    3. Just scanned my comment over and noticed that I said "instantaneous better true loves"...
      I have no idea what that means, just ignore the word better xD

    4. I think the deal with Cinderella's dress needing to be fancy is that it's a royal ball. High status families will be there, and of course the royal family themselves. You can't show up to one of those events wearing rags, because that would be a sign of disrespect to the crown. And Cinderella would be mortified for everyone to see that she was faking her rich-looking attire, which is why she had to run. I think she was scared the prince would see that she was just a poor servant girl and leave her behind, which is sad.

      I do agree that it's a little materialistic that all the prince saw was her outer beauty, but that's pretty realistic if you think about the real world. It's a little rushed since they get married in the span of probably a week since they met, but I still love the story anyway. It's just a cute little bedtime story, I suppose.

  2. Number 6 is ultimately the #1 thing that I learnt from Disney movies. "Chase your dreams" - love it!
    The Blog Hermit

    1. Disney is definitely a strong encourager of dream chasing. (:

  3. DIS POST DOH. Like... yeaaaaaaaaaah. I liked it. I loved it. I want some more of it. (kudos if you know what song that is.)
    I'mma pin it.

  4. Hello, I'm new here! *waves* I love your blog and I love Disney and I write stories too! I look forward to seeing more posts by you 8-)

    Bella - (Isabelladelallo.blogspot.com)

    1. Hi there! *waves back* Thanks for stopping by, and welcome to the blogosphere! (: I'll definitely check out your blog asap.


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