Bashing Blogger's Block

You might not realize it if you just cast a backwards glance behind you at this blog as you walk by, but blogging is actually a lot of work.

*le gasp*

Bloggers, just like writers, can often face the dreaded Writer's Block. When it seems like there's a 0% chance of any ideas raining down from the sky, and your brain is stuck in a rut like a hamster on a wheel. No matter how hard you try, the best idea you can come up with for a post is a song about an eggplant.

Writer's block is one of the most challenging things to overcome as a blogger and a writer. When people are expecting something on a deadline, and all you can think about are the tacos you had last week, it's not a good situation.

When I'm dealing with a lack of inspiration, here are a few things I do to break down that writer's block and let in the rainbows.

1.) Listen to music.
Go ahead. Open the windows and blast the radio. Sometimes the best ideas come from song lyrics, which can inspire a chain reaction of ideas from there.

2.) Take a break.
Sometimes my writer's block comes from the fact that I've been sitting down and staring at my computer screen for far too long. The best things to do for that are to get up and spend some unplugged time with a book or even just scroll through your favorite Tumblr or Pinterest pages. You never know when inspiration will hit you from the cat gifs. Just take a breather from posting/writing and come back to it later.

3.) Consult Siri.
Siri, the lovely helper thing on most Apple products probably won't you out, but at the very least she could provide some amusement.

4.) Get a snack.
Maybe you're just hungry for some delicious brain food.

5.) Scroll through previous posts you've made.
It can help to just see what you've done in the past. By reading some of the older posts that I've made, sometimes I'll see something that catches my eye and I think, "Oh, I'd like to add on to that in a different post." or "Wow, my opinion's totally changed on that. I'd like to clarify that in a post."

6.) Don't force anything.
Even if it feels like something is better than nothing, that's not always the case. If you just sit down and will the magical writing powers to help you write something while mashing blindly on the keyboard, the quality won't be the same. The writing will sound more forced and less like you put real effort into it. Just wait it out before you try to make something happen.

Those are just a few of the ways that I find help conquer writer's and blogger's block.

What do you do if you have writer's block?

That is all.



  1. Ooh, I know I have problems about Blogger's Block. The only things I can post are the weekly memes or reviews (which is sometimes very hard when you don't have anything to review). Great tips!

    1. I've had my fair share of meme posts too. (: Glad I could help you out!

  2. Very good advice, thanks for sharing! I so needed that too. :D

    1. You're very welcome! (: Blogger's block can be pretty awful sometimes.

    2. Hopefully my tips take out a little bit of its bite, though! (:

  3. When I have block of either Writer or Blogger or (GASP!) both, I panic and procrastinate. I'm unfortunately good at both. But eventually, something hits me. :)


    1. Oh believe me, I've had my fair share of procrastination too. (:

  4. Congratulations! You've been nominated for the Sunshine award!

    1. Lovely, thank you! I might not be able to post it right away, but I'll get to it when I can. (:

  5. Hi, Sea. I nominated you for The Very Inspiring Blogger Award:

    ~The Unstoppable Child

    1. Oh boy! Well, thanks a bunch, Robyn. (: I'll hopefully get around to doing the award soon.


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