An Inspirational Sunshine

So due to the fact that I am oh so popular (only joking), a few more awards have fallen into my lap recently while I was amusing myself with some geekish fun.

The first award of today's post came from the lovely, Iris, of The Road Goes On: An Account of My Unexpected Journey. She gave me the Sunshine Award, and although I recently got it, a few of her questions were pretty interesting, so I decided to give it a whirl (and besides that, her blog title is a reference to The Hobbit *fangirls*)

The rules of this award are pretty simple. Give 5 facts, answer 5 questions, make 5 more questions, nominate 5 sunny people. Easy, right?

The Facts:

1.) My current addicting snack right now is chips and salsa. I have an obsession with spicy food, so hot salsa is right up my alley.

2.) I have a bad habit of accidentally staring straight at someone across the room when I'm lost in thought. It's always awkward when they look up and see you staring into their soul, even if you weren't trying to.

3.) My favorite mythical creature at the moment is a dragon.

4.) I really hate wearing socks.

5.) One time I went for a run in my neighborhood, and the ice cream truck was following me. Needless to say, I was a little upset that they were trying to tempt me whilst I was jogging.

Iris's Questions:

1. Water or Fire?

Water. Definitely. It's just so much more mysterious and interesting than fire is. Bonus points because you can't burn yourself on water.

2. Icecream or Pudding?

Ice cream. Pudding just doesn't cut it on a hot summer day.

3. Would you rather face a dragon unarmed, or armed with a gold fish?

Obviously with the gold fish. Who knows when it'll come in handy? Maybe I can teach it to sing a lullaby and make the dragon fall asleep.

4. Three or 7?

I sense an inside joke that I'm unaware of . . .

5. Why did you pick Three if you picked Three, or 7 if you picked 7?

Well since I chose the "Quietly hide so that they won't know you didn't answer" option, my reasoning behind it was the fact that I honestly wasn't sure what the question was asking. Oops!

My Questions:

1.) Would you rather eat avocado for the rest of your life, or eat raw potatoes?
2.) Who would you want to be your celebrity best friend?
3.) What's a book that you like that most people haven't read or heard of?
4.) Can you say Irish Wristwatch 10 times fast?
5.) What is a book or a movie that people obsess over that you feel is overrated?

We're going to skip nominees for now, but at the end I'll nominate some lovely people to do not only this award, but also . . .

The Very Inspiring Blogger Award (courtesy of Robyn Hoode)! Robyn gave me this award, and she is a good friend of mine and recently created a pretty spectacular blog called Spiral Bound. Go give it a look-see sometime!

The rules for this one are to say 7 facts about yourself, and then nominate 15 other bloggers. FIFTEEN! The big one-five. This is madness. I'll be cheating a bit and only nominating five, so make of that what you will.

More Facts About Yours Truly:
1.) Does anyone actually read these?
2.) Just in case you are reading this, I'll come up with some snazzy facts.
3.) I really don't like mustard.
4.) I used to be a pro at doing cartwheels and handstands, but now I'm lucky if I can still pull off a somersault.
5.) If you say "gullible" really slowly, it sounds like "oranges." (Just kidding, it doesn't. I guess that could be a fact though. I'm a bit of a jokester and prankster.)
6.) I can make a pretty convincing parrot squawk.
7.) My favorite desert at the moment is a chocolate lava cake. Mmm, those things are heaven.

And finally, here are the five spectacular people who get to do not one, but TWO blog awards! Yay!

The Nominees for Both Awards:

Hilda of Hilda: My Official Blog
Emily of Emily Etc.
July of I Solemnly Swear I Am Up To No Good
Treskie of Occasional Randomness
Amy-Anne of The Blog Hermit

That is all.



  1. Yaay!! Thank you so much!! And I enjoyed reading your answers. You are so funny and cool! :)

    No worries, I will answer your tag as soon as I can. Cheerio! :P

    1. Aw, thank you so much! I just had to award you because you're one of my favorite bloggers. (:

      Good luck!

    2. I AM?! aww you just made my day! I thought I wasn't to anybody. Thank you THANK YOU!! ❤️

    3. Aw, I'm glad! You really are inspirational. You published a book and you're always so positive and cheerful, which is inspiring in my book. (:

    4. Awww yay!!!! So happy to make you happy! Corny but true! ❤️

  2. "You can't burn yourself in water." So true, Seana, so true.

    1. Haha, wonderful words from the wise Seana, eh?

  3. Aww, shanks. We'll see if I can do these at some point, as long as I don't forget!

    1. That shouldn't be too hard since your memory is at least better than mine. (: I forget everything.

  4. whyyyyyyy. lol. THANK YOU. XD

    I'm going to have a hilarious post up when I do this. It's gonna be funz.

    I read all them factses. Did you know that somersaults are harder than cartwheels?

    1. Mwa ha ha! (:

      Ooh, I'll be looking forward to this post of epic proportions.

      Really? Huh. I had no idea. Maybe I should conquer the cartwheel instead of the somersault then.

  5. I tagged you!

    1. Thank you! (: I'll give it a look-see was soon as I can!

  6. Aaah this post made me laugh, specifically the second lot of facts XD

    Thanks for le nomination! :D

    1. Haha, glad my little factoids were fun to read!

      You're welcome! Have fun with it! (:


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