Fireworks! Squirrels! Hot Dogs!

It's July 4th! Huzzah! For you lovely British, Australian, etc. readers, the 4th of July is America's Independence Day. We celebrate freedom from England and the people who fought for it. Today's just sort of  day to relax with the family and participate in annual grills and cook-offs.

As much fun as the 4th of July is, I'm not a fan of those fireworks that purposely mind-bogglingly loud. When I'm sitting by the fire and eating twice my body weight in marshmallows, the last thing I want to hear is the sound of the majestic dying firework that sounds remarkably like a cow with indigestion. It's enough to make you want to spit out your marshmallow.

I'm not sure who invented the horrible sounding ones, but I'm quite impressed by the person who created the giant, pretty fireworks that don't sound like a cow with indigestion. Huzzah for you!

But anywho, I hope you have a fabulous day, whether you celebrate the 4th or not.



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