Oh Snap, I Grew Up

My freshman year of high school is over! *insert my amazing dance moves here*

In honor of me leaving the bottom of the food chain, here's my highlights of the year.

August-September: Whoot whoot! Started freshie year! Started out with hair just below my shoulders and a nervous but excited state of mind.

October: Drivers ed kicked off during October, and I learned how not to kill people whilst operating an automatic vehicle, yay! Also, football games were one of the most fun and crazy things, and I loved them so much. You learn a lot about people when you sit by them and scream at football players for an hour. I also a blast at the Homecoming dance with my friends, and I managed to dance a whole night in heels. Huzzah!

November: Got to see some of my lovely friends dressed up and wearing beards for the musical, Fiddler on the Roof, finished my driver's training and got my permit, and a guy told me he liked me. November was an insane month.

December: Birthday month! Whoop whoop! Had a fantastic birthday with tons of my friends bestowing hugs and off-key Happy Birthday songs upon me. Christmas came and went with me getting some nerdy and fangirl-worthy items.

January: Kicked off the new year with a Lord of the Rings marathon, and watched the whole world (well, Michigan at least) become the scene of a snowpocalypse. I managed to watch Frozen, and also had a blast just hanging out with my family. Exams also happened, which was more stressful than trying to stuff a giraffe into a refrigerator.

February: The month of love came, but instead of hanging out with my non-existent boyfriend, I danced like a crazy person with my best friends during the Blizzard Ball. My feet hated me for wearing heels, but it was such a fun night anyway. On the downside, I learned that the guy who told me he liked me was a jerkball/player, but February was amazing anyway.

March: Varsity tennis tryouts came and went, and even though I didn't make it, the tennis season was on its way and I was psyched. Some of my 8th grade friends put on their play, Hotel Escargot, and I went to go see it and root them on from the bleachers with flowers and other crazy things.

April: I was Florida-bound, and the beach was calling my name. My family and I headed out to where it was warm and without snow for Spring Break, and we had so much fun exploring the beaches and getting souvenirs at the stores. I also slipped and skinned my knee while playing tennis, so that was interesting. After getting back, my tennis team and I killed it in our tournament, coming in at first.

May: Tulip Time came, and since come from all over the country to see the parades and celebrate with us Michiganders, driving through the busy parts of town was hectic. I went to go see my school's comedy play, Rumors, and had so much fun watching it.

June: And now with it being June and all, summer is here! Huzzah! I had a great but fast year and I can't wait to see what's in store for me in the rest of high school.

That is all.



  1. Great post, Seana! Sounds like you've had a great school year. Sorry to hear about this guy >:( we should totally have a sleepover and you can tell me all about it (except we shouldn't because we only know each other over the internet and live on different continents) BUT STILL.

    Here's to a great summer, and then a very exciting new school year!

    PS the American system confuses me, is freshman year when you are fifteen? (I know this from Fifteen by Taylor Swift, 'it's your freshman year and you're gonna be here for the next four years'.) Do you have four years left of school? Or only three now?

    1. Hey Emily,
      I know I'm not Seana but maybe I can help clear your mind a bit.
      It actually starts with Kindergarten. A child must be 5 years old by the cut off date, which is usually in August. If you were born before that date, say June 31, then you would enter Kindergarten as a 5 yr old. If, like me or Seana, you were born after this date, November or December for example, then you would enter Kindergarten as a 5 yr old but you would turn 6 soon after. That usually carries on for the rest of your school career if everything goes normally. You could be held back or bumped up as well. In the Taylor Swift song she is singing about the start of her freshman year and is counting that year as one of the four. So Seana, finishing her freshman year has only 3 years to go.
      Hope this helped!

      ~D. Skye <3

    2. When I'm traveling the world sometime, I'll be sure to stop by and we can share a heart to heart over some ice cream and movies.

      The UK school system is just as confusing to me too, Emily! Basically in America, you start out in preschool and then work your way up through elementary school which is 1st through 5th grade. By the end of 5th grade you're 10 or 11.

      Next comes middle school, grades 6 through 8. By the end of eighth grade you're probably 13 or 14. And then high school rolls around. High school freshman year you probably turn 15, unless you were one of the younger babies of your class. By the end of Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, and Senior year, you'll be around 18 years old. And then it's off to college! (Do you guys call it University?)

      But anyway, I have three years of high school left. (:

    3. And, thank you, Destiny, for your assistance in explaining. (:

  2. Post Seana!

    Just sayin'

    ~D. Skye <3

    1. There'll be a new post very soon! Sorry about the wait! (:


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