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Summer is upon us! It's the time for tanner skin, messy hair, and amazing food that really only comes during the summer holidays.

It's been a bit since my last post, so let's catch up a bit shall we?

I was able to see The Fault in Our Stars movie (I can go into greater detail with a movie review post if you'd like)! I'll just say that I feel like it was very well done for a movie adaptation of a book, and I think that the actors did really well to portray their characters, even though some of them didn't look exactly the way I thought they would. There are a few parts I would tweak a little bit, but over all I think they did an excellent job making it. It made me cry, and for a movie, that's pretty impressive.

The official movie poster. *le fangirl squeal*
I hung out with some of my friends already this summer, which is something I didn't get to do as much of last summer as I would have liked. It's always lovely seeing the people that made me smile outside of school. Summer bonfires are one of my favorite things, and I also love just hanging out playing frisbee golf too.

My mornings have been kept busy, because starting at 7:20ish I'm warming up and playing tennis. It's a crazy schedule, but I'm really trying to push myself to do it because making varsity next year would be a dream come true.

Also along the lines of exercise things, I've taken up running. *gasp* THE HORRORS! I know. Running isn't something that I would say is something that I enjoy. I hate feeling out of breath and I'm not a huge fan of the ache in my muscles either. But, after running a 5k for my gym class this year, I realized that it's not as bad as I thought. The reason I hated it so much was because I was out of shape. Now that I'm in a little bit better running shape and have more stamina, it's tolerable at the very least. I still don't like it, but I'm doing it.

And lastly, while I'm rambling anyway, my brother is getting married this summer! Huzzah! And yours truly is going to be one of the bridesmaids. So far the hunt for short people bridesmaids dresses has been much, much harder than I anticipated. I found a really pretty dress, but the skirt was as tall as I am, not counting the upper half of it.

Now that I've blown your brains out with my life post, I'd love to know what you all have going on this summer! Are you slaying a dragon? Befriending a wood sprite? Whatever it is, feel free to comment!

That is all.



  1. Yay!!! You're back! :) Yes to a movie review. I don't plan on going to see it but I like hearing other people's thoughts on it.
    I have taken up running too! I don't like it but it's tolerable. I got up early yesterday and ran/walked 2 miles, then played tennis (veeeeery badly) for an hour, then swam for 2 hours. My legs are screaming at me today. I got a great tan, though. :)
    Congratulations to your brother! Have you looked at Modcloth.com for a dress? They have a great selection of casual and formal dresses.
    For my actual summer, I have two music camps and I have to finish up school. (I'm homeschooled and I got a little bit behind :P) I will probably also read bunches of books.

    ~D. Skye <3

    1. Fabulous! I read another person's review, and since I mostly disagree with it and I'd like to point out some things myself, I'll try to have a review up of my thoughts on Monday.

      You got up EARLY?! Wow, you're a trooper. Early mornings are not my friend. But hurray for you playing tennis! It's super fun. (: My problem is that I've gotten the dreaded sock tan from all this tennis and running.

      Ooh, I forgot about that site! I'll definitely give it a look-see. Thanks!

      I've never been to a music camp. Are they fun? (: And but of course, we bookworms must be true to our names! Let me know if you find any really good ones I should read!

    2. Early for me was 7:30. I'm not an early bird.
      Ah, the horrid sock tan. I also sail as a sport so I get the most awkward tans. Mid-shin to right above the knee, high neck and mid-upper arm. Pretty cool....
      Music camp is awesome, the first one I'm doing starts on Sunday and that's two weeks long. I've done that one for the last two years. The second one is later in August.and only for one week. It's more intensive and I haven't done it before. Do you play any instruments?

      As for books, I'd love to give you suggestions. Have you read the His Fair Assassin series by Robin LaFevers? I finished the first two books and they were soooo good. The 3rd comes out in November :(
      There are undesirable parts, (don't google the French words, most of them are inappropriate and there are elements of the story that go against my beliefs) but it's really funny and the writing is great.

      ~D. Skye <3

    3. Haha, I was imaging more like 5 in the morning. But, 7:30 AM is nothing to sneeze at either.

      Ooh, sailing has always looked so fun! I have a friend who sails, and she says it's one of the most amazing things ever. So for sailing as a sport, how does it work? It is races and such, or more of a timed event?

      Going for the intense camp, eh? I bet they'll make you do push-ups and run laps. (: Only joking, of course. I used to play the flute and the piano, but I haven't practiced the piano in years and I dropped the flute this year so that I could take choir. What do you play?

      I haven't read those, but I find Robin LaFevers's last name quite amusing, which is probably a good sign. Sneaky author though, hiding the naughty parts of the book in French. What are the books about? Funny books are my favorite. (:

    4. Sailing is fun. It's also really hard, often painful (if you're doing everything right) and sometimes it's kind of scary. For the past few years of my life I have told my family that I hate it, but I like it more than I let on.
      Usually there are races and occasionally there are time trials, but time trials are more for the professionals.

      Actually, we do yoga and play tennis. Lots of tennis in my life recently. :) It does nothing to help our music but it's still fun.
      I play viola (not violin) and piano, although I stopped taking lessons on piano about 2 years ago.

      The books are about.................Assassins!! And poisons. And nuns. And 15th century Europe. *sort-of-spoiler* And one of the best book boyfriends ever. *end sort-of-spoiler*
      The events of he first book are mostly taken from history but the second takes a couple liberties.
      A lot of the naughty parts not translated into French are pretty funny, some are scandalous but none of them take away from the story very much. If I could make up a genre for them I would say, Assassin-y historical romance. :)
      Have you read The Selection trilogy?

      ~D. Skye <3

    5. I feel like I would either love or hate sailing. It seems like it would feel like flying in a way, but at the same time I'd be uncomfortable with the idea of falling overboard.

      Yoga is super relaxing if you're flexible, which unfortunately I am not. Reaching my feet would be easier you'd think because I'm short, but alas, that is not true. How do you like tennis? (:

      Haha, I lost it at nuns. That sounds pretty awesome. I checked my library for it today, but I couldn't find it. So that means some other cheeky person got their paws on it, or my library hasn't purchased this epic book.

      I've heard of the Selection series, but I never got around to reading it because I either couldn't find it or it slipped my mind. Is it worth the read? (:

    6. I'm the same way with sailing. I love it while I'm doing it, but I hate the idea of falling off (which has happened way too many times already).

      Tennis is fun, although we never actually play real tennis since the groups are so big. We usually end up playing jail or king of the court. If we're really lucky, we get a nice instructor who let's us play doubles.

      They're nuns who poison people! How cool is that?

      READ THE SELECTION!!!!! You must! I just got the last book (I've been waiting for two months) and it was AMAZING. Best trilogy ender ever. When you finish them, tell me your thoughts. :)

      ~D. Skye <3

    7. Well on the bright side, at least you can swim! (:

      KING OF THE COURT?! That is one of my favorites. Although, my version is Queen of the Court, but it's the same idea.

      Wow, those nuns are hardcore.

      Okay! I will do my best to find it and read it like there's no tomorrow!

      By the way, my official TFIOS movie review will be up tomorrow, so if you'd like to see how my thoughts compare to other reviews, then you can! (:

    8. I will try to read your review tomorrow! Music camp just started today so I might fall asleep and never wake up when I get home. But in the off chance that I am unable to rest my weary soul, I shall read it! Hopefully...

      ~D. Skye <3

    9. Haha, well if you don't get a chance to read it right away, no worries. It'll be up for a long while. (:

  2. I've proudly been part of the fun in your summer! Yay! You've taken on running? You should join cross country this fall! It is really awesome. Great team sport. Have more of an awesome summer.
    ~A.J. Ryan

    1. Haha, you should feel honored, young grasshopper, to be part of the great Seana's summer! (Only joking).

      And yes, sir, I have taken on running! I'm no marathon runner, but I'm up to 2.5 miles about for my regular jog around the block. I don't know if I'd do cross country though. Isn't it harder than running on pavement? And you know I'm not too graceful, so I'm more than likely to trip on a stick. (:

  3. You're alive! (I wasn't sure, you see. I thought maybe a vicious leviathan had come after you...) You're alive and having a grand summer. Congratulations to your brother!
    This summer, I am tackling a new story (Hurray for Camp NaNo!) as well as reading many lovely books. I'm also agent hunting... very elusive, they are. And I started a blog!
    ~The Unstoppable Child

    1. Oh dear, I heard those beasties are quite common this year as opposed to last.

      Ah, books...such lovely things. I'd love to hear about your story sometime! (:

      CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR BLOG! That's super exciting. Welcome to the club, newbie!


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