I Haven't Died (And Other Nonsense)

There's really no place like home. My week long absence from the blogging world was due to spring break and my enjoyment in the south getting tan and eating seafood.

Wait. You thought I died? (Aw, you do care.) Haha, I'm only joking. I'm fine, really. I just took some time off to hang out with my family and all that jazz. Apologies for not specifically telling you all why I was MIA for a bit over a week, but now you now! Huzzah!

I'm really kicking myself right now for not being able to get that vlog up. I was coughing my brains out right before I left for vacation, and now it looks like my after-school schedule is going to be booked with tennis practice and homework. Pigs. I'm crossing my fingers that I'll have a break this weekend, but even that's looking kind of shaky because my team might be participating in a tournament.

I guess it'll just be a surprise now when my vlog will be up. I'll shush about it for now, but you'll just have to watch out for it. Constant vigilance!

Lately I've also been trying my hand again at drawing things, because really I've missed it. My schedule won't allow for me to take the classes I am now plus an art class, so I have to do it on my own time (which we all know is pretty limited). But I did have a chance a while ago to do a little sketch of Elsa from the latest Disney movie, Frozen.

Here it is in all of it's glory in bad lighting.

Ta da! I actually pretty proud of her hair, but there's a few things that I would tweak if I redrew it. It took me a few days to draw, just because I didn't have hours at a time where I could just sketch to my heart's content, but I think it turned out pretty well.

What do you think?

That is all.



  1. I hope you had fun! :D and, the drawing is awesome! I didn't know that drawing is one of your hobbies, and btw I'm an art student too.(:

    1. That's so cool! Drawing is super relaxing. (:

  2. I love your Elsa drawing! I've done one myself, and Elsa's really fun to draw, no?

    1. Thank you! And yes, I loved drawing her! It was really cool to try and portray her emotions through the drawing. (:

  3. Sea! You are SO talented! When you get an open spot in your school schedule you should DEFIANTLY take an art class. You would probably get everything right and school EVERYONE in drawing! I love your Elsa drawing, it is lovely and beautiful.

    1. Aw, thank you, Ev! (: Glad you like it!

  4. Oh my dear Seana, you gave me quite a fright! I don't know what I might have done had you been swallowed up by alligators or died of a fever whilst you were down in the wicked South. I do sincerely hope that your skin hasn't been ruined by the hot rays of the sun. How a young lady can still look elegant (or even be called a lady) with skin as brown as a heathen, I will never know.

    Your drawing of the Queen Elsa is very grand indeed. I especially like the attention to detail around the face and hair. My artistic expertise is limited to drawing cast shadows and the shading of spheres. I do envy your talents, my dear Seana! And to put it in the modern way, keep up the good work! (How I dislike the modern way)

    Your loving friend,

    Destiny Skye

    1. Haha, well, I tan easily, so I think any ladylike qualities of skin are too far gone now. (:

      And thank you so much! Her hair was one of my favorite parts of the drawing that I did.

    2. Lucky! When I was younger I tanned really well and very quickly but now... I seem to have lost that talent.

      ~D. Skye <3

    3. Haha, when I was little, I didn't tan as much. My tanning skills have just gone up since then. (:



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