Game. Set. Match.

Just last Saturday my tennis team and I had a tennis tournament against four other schools. And guess who's team took first place? *points to self and does a happy dance*

The way it worked was that for each pair of players on the team, you had to win 2 out of your 3 sets for that match to be considered a win. You played 2 teams who were in your pod, and other people in a different pod also played 2 teams. If you won out of your pod, you played the winner of their pod to see who would take first in your rank.

Me and my partner took home 2 out of 3 wins with our matches, with our last match taking away the undefeated status that we had. The other team had some ridiculously good shots, and even though we fought hard, we didn't quite win that one in the end. I'm so proud of how we played in the other 2 matches, though. It was amazing.

In the end, since we didn't win all 3 matches in our rank, we didn't get a medal, but that was okay, because the school who won the grand prize of first place overall won a giant cookie pie. And we won that, which meant we had a massive cookie fest where we just sat down and ate the thing in one sitting (it was delicious).

I'm really happy with how the tournament went, seeing as I was struggling a little earlier that week with all of the hoopla that you can read about here. I feel like I played really well, and for the first time in a while I feel completely awesome and life is all around fantastic.

And since you probably want picture proof of our victory, here's a snapshot of my team and coach partying with the cookie pie.

Can we just appreciate those smiling faces? Pretty great, I must admit.

That is all.



  1. Yay! Good job :D
    Unfortunately, I have no athletic ability whatsoever :P It's not that I don't have muscles, it's just that they're so precious I keep them protected with a layer of fat ;)

    1. Thank you! (:
      Haha, I feel you. I have the upper body strength of a weasel.

  2. congrats! you must have been so proud!


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