The Great Allegiant Debate

Veronica Roth's Divergent trilogy has been wildly popular lately. A few months ago I was able to read all three of the books, and each one brought its own thoughts to mind. I thought the first one was extremely good, so I kept going with the second book. I was a little disappointed by Insurgent, but nonetheless I took the plunge and read Allegiant.

There has been a massive debate in Allegiant over one of the character deaths.

WARNING: Spoilers ahoy!

Here's my take on the whole ordeal with Tris dying in the final book. I can see where some people are coming from. some of my friends see it as her keeping her promise to her brother never to send him to his death like he attempted to do to her. She was staying faithful to the only family she had left and she didn't want to break that promise.

On the other hand, you have my take on it. I don't think she should have died. When I was reading it, I was expecting a sort of Gandalf moment where she wasn't actually dead and she'd show up later in the Epilogue or something along those lines. When she actually died, I was shocked. I probably could have seen the signs earlier if I had been looking for them. Four narrating his own chapter, Tris having second thoughts about her brother going in. But I wasn't looking for that.

When Veronica Roth killed off Tris, my first reaction was shock. Then anger and a little disgust settled in. It didn't feel like she did it to be clever and pull a major last-second plot twist; it felt more lazy to me, like she just figured there was nothing left for Tris to do so she had to get her out of the way somehow. Even now I don't see Tris's death as a brilliant feat by the author, I find it a little irritating. Killing off your main character is the most risky thing you can do. The readers love them and with a first-person narrative, it's even more risky.

For me, the risk just didn't pay off. It could just be that after the first book I started falling out of love with the series, because the characters starting acting more like each other and losing a little bit of the characteristics that I'd grown to love. Either way, my take on this great Allegiant debate is that I was not really impressed with Veronica's plot twist with Tris at the end, and I just wish she had done it differently.

That is all.


PS: Hopefully the vlog will be up and running sometime this week! No promises, but I'll have more time to film and edit this week than I did last week. Cross your fingers!


  1. I feel like one of the few people who liked Tris's death... I mean, I loved her as a character so it's not like I wanted her to die. And yes, it was very upsetting for me, but I think Veronica wrote it well and the moment when Tris talks with her mother makes me cry every single time. I want to be brave enough someday to write something as daring and risky as Veronica did, and I think it's a sign of a good writer that you can kill off your main character and do it well. Yes, I wish Tris had lived and had a wonderful life with Four and all their potential FourTris babies, but I also admire her sacrifice and her strength.

    1. I can see what you mean about her sacrifice and strength, but at the same time it just didn't feel right. I felt like it was almost done with just a backhand flick of the keyboard without any feeling. That's why I disliked it. It didn't click with my emotions the way I wanted it to.

  2. My reaction to the ending was shock, and then pulling out my hair and yelling at Veronica Roth (mentally, of course) but I think I agree with Emma. It was written very well and I wished she had lived on but, you know...

    Good luck on your vlog!

    ~D. Skye <3

    1. Haha, I've had plenty of hair-pulling moments from books. I just felt like it wasn't written well and didn't click with me, but it seems like I'm in the minority here. (:

  3. Heeeey Seana! I am back, and I have missed you! But anyway, LET'S TALK ABOUT BOOKS. Her death ..... I just don't know. I kind of feel like nothing *too* shocking really happened in Allegiant -- I mean we found out about the world and everything, yes, but really. There was Uriah's death, but apart from that I didn't see the same gasp-inducing drama of the first two books - you know, Will and Al's deaths, Peter's attack on Edward, the revelation of Marcus as Tobias' abusive father, Caleb's betrayal, etc etc. And so, I think that Roth was trying to stun her readers at the end -- which wasn't really necessary, because I LOVE Tris and Tobias and I would have been sooo happy if they'd lived happily ever after. Then again, if she'd not killed Tris, would the plot have been fleshy enough? I don't know. Difficult to say. It was pretty upsetting though, after everything they both said about looking forward to the future ... dammit Veronica! Pulling the heartstrings!

    But anyway. That's my opinion. And I'm glad to be back!! :D

  4. Also, a vlog?? Tell meh more! (Or direct me to the post that tells me to more, if there is one. This is the problem with long hiatuses. You miss all the news.)


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