Shiny Beans, Karaoke, and Bread

Hello lovelies!

I know I promised a vlog, but I'll be getting to that later. Right now I have a story to tell you. So take a seat and pull up a chair. There's plenty of room here at the Totally Insane Writer home.


Last Saturday I went on an adventure with my Spanish II classmates. In my Spanish class, we have to do some sort of Culture in the Community project every semester. Basically what that means is just that we have to go out into community and find something that has to do with Spanish culture and language, take a picture of ourselves there, and write a little reflection afterwards.

This semester there was an opportunity to go to the lovely city of Chicago. I've been there before, and it was a major case of deja vu to be back there with some of the same people I went there with before.

In Chicago we got to visit a few museums and see some crazy looking stuff (mummies and a very obese looking piece of pottery were only the very beginning). Afterwards we headed to to Chicago's famous landmark, the Bean. It's a strange, but really cool looking structure which created the perfect opportunity for an unhealthy amount of selfies.

I'll stick a picture in here somewhere of one of the shots of the Bean a friend of mine was able to capture. (Don't bother trying to find me in the picture, mind you. I'm not in it.)

Afterwards we headed out to a little Mexican-type town. Sort of like a China Town idea, but with Spanish culture. They had this amazing bakery there where you could get a massive tray of goodies for under 5 dollars usually. I'm starting to think working at a bakery would be the hardest job ever, simply because of the self control you'd have to have not to eat your whole inventory of food.

We ate later at a Spanish restaurant, complete with some amazing fajitas, and afterwards it was time for some more exploring, then back on the bus for the trip home.

The bus ride was probably one of my favorite parts. We had some pretty snazzy karaoke going on, with people singing some Frozen and Les Mis inspired songs with some impressive off-key pride. Afterwards we had a fun and awkwardly hilarious game of Truth or Dare (but mostly Dare) going, which lead to a pile of coats heaped on someone, an awkward 15 second hug that had a full bus countdown, me holding a loaf of sourdough bread whilst sitting on someone, and plenty more. It was crazy, awkward, but ridiculously fun.

This whole trip made me realize just how much I love all of my friends, my viewers, and the people that I just got to know on that trip.

So if you ever get the chance to go party with your friends in Chicago, I say you ought to go.  You never know who you'll get to know. (:

That is all.



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