Goodbye, Varsity Dreams (Hello, Leprechauns)

Saturday was the first day of cuts from the Varsity tennis team.

I was in the middle of a singles match against one of my friends when one of the coaches walked over with his clipboard.

"There's only 14 girls who will be on the varsity team. We could be making a huge mistake here, but from what we've seen, we're placing you on the JV team this year."

I didn't fall to the ground and collapse in a pile of sobs, and I didn't channel my inner Hulk and get really angry. I took it in stride, because as a freshman it's insanely difficult to get on the varsity team unless you've been practicing really hard during the off-season. I hadn't been practicing as much as I could have, and I wasn't quite as good as some of the people who had been. I do know some people in the freshman class who made it through round one of the cuts, and I'm happy for them. They definitely earned it.

Today is also Saint Patrick's Day. So today is a day of wearing green and frolicking in the meadows. And if you don't wear green, apparently this gives permission for people to come and pinch you. Lovely.

It also means that it's the reverse day to Heart Day on Valentine's Day. At my high school we have this thing on Valentine's Day where every girl writes her name on a paper heart and wears that heart on a string around her neck. We're not allowed to talk to guys outside of class, and if we do, they get our heart. Apparently on St. Patrick's day, it's the same thing, but the guys are the ones not allowed to talk. If they do we get their . . . heart? Shamrock? Random paper object thing?

I've never been good at this game, but this year I'm determined to try to at least get one. Just for fun. May the odds be ever in my favor! (That doesn't have quite the same ring to it as the original.)



  1. You're only a freshman, so you have 3 more years. JV is nothing to sneeze at either. You could of missed both teams all together! Keep playing and have fun.

    ~D. Skye <3

    1. Thank you. Only problem with that is that our system is that if you don't make varsity you're automatically a JV player so I would've made a team anyway. (: I'll just try again next year and practice hard in the off-season.


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