The Top 10 Songs I Obsessively Listen To

(Thanks to July for providing the inspiration for this post. Hope you don't mind I'm borrowing your awesomeness.)

If you haven't figured out or gotten wind of the fact that I'm a bit of a music nut, well I'm pleased to tell you that I am, in fact, a music nut. I love singing, and I used to play the flute. Lately there have been plenty of songs running through my head, and here are 10 of my favorites.

1.) Every Good Thing by The Afters

This song is my go-to song whenever I'm feeling down. It's a really fun, peppy song that reminds me that there's so many good things in life that are worth focusing on. Sometimes we take those good moments for granted, and the song reminds me to take the time to really treasure them.

2.) Colder Weather by Zac Brown Band

I love the deep, almost earthy tone of this country song. I has a little sad feeling about it, but I love how it sounds. It talks about how this person wants so desperately to come back home, back to the person that they cared so much for, but they can't. They're "stuck in colder weather." I'm a huge fan of this song.

3.) Unconditionally by Katy Perry

There's only a few Katy Perry songs that I really like, and this is one of them. This song talks about standing by someone you love no matter what and loving them through good things and bad, and caring about them even though they mess up.

4.) Young and Beautiful by Lana Del Rey

Her voice in this song is really gorgeous, and the melody is really smooth and almost haunting. She asks if someone will still love her when she's no longer young and beautiful. I like that, because so often people focus on the outside and never take the time to get to know the inside of a person.

5.) You Hear A Song by Cassadee Pope

Cassadee was the winner of season 3 of The Voice, and I love how her voice sounds. This song talks about how there's always that one person, be it family or friend, that takes the time to see the good in you even when you feel really down on yourself.

6.) Angel By Your Side by Francesca Battistelli

Francesca sings a lot of my favorite songs, and I like this song because it talks about being there for someone and being a shoulder for them to lean on. I think that's huge, because even the strongest people need someone to be there for them.

7.) In A Song by Hunter Hayes

This song really has special meaning for me because it talks about finding yourself in a song. Music for me has always been something that I use to not only relax, but to also figure out things that have been on my mind. Sometimes songs express the words that I don't know how to. Sometimes I find myself in a song.

8.) Some Kind of Beautiful by Tyler Ward

I like this song because it says that you gotta take a chance when you run after something. I also like it because it says "some kind of beautiful" which makes it sound like there's not one stereotypical cookie cutter mold that is considered beautiful. There's so many different kinds of beautiful, and you are one of those kinds.

9.) Always Be Together by Little Mix

Little Mix is a group of ladies from the UK, and a lot of their songs are really upbeat and peppy. I like this song because it says that "we'll always be together, don't you worry . . . ". I know eventually I might be separated from my friends as we all travel to different places, and I like to keep in mind that even if we're not together in person, you'll still be together. Nothing can change that.

10.) Oklahoma Christmas by Blake Shelton ft. Reba McEntire

This is a song I break out around Christmas, and it has that really fun southern twang to it, and I just love how happy and warm it sounds. It's definitely one of my favorite Christmas tunes to blast.

Do you like any of these songs? What are some of your favorites?

That is all.



  1. Unconditionally? REALLY? Noooooooooo! Katy Perry really is the worst.

    1. Haha, I'll admit that most of her songs are pretty weird, this is one of the few of hers that I like.

  2. You little bandido!! Just kidding, just kidding. I actually haven't heard of most of those songs and I wish you would have linked them because now I have to go through alllll of the work to look them up. And I'm lazy, so....

    I love the Zac Brown Band though. My top three songs by them are "Chicken Fried" because that one's just a classic, "Sweet Annie" because awwwww, and "Colder Weather" cause it's just an all round good song.
    Have you heard Hunter Hayes' new single?

    1. Oops! I completely forgot to add some links in, but I might add them if I find time. At the moment I'm suffering doing my math homework, but I'm hoping I can get to it later.

      Oh yes, Chicken Fried is great! I mean really, it involves the word chicken so how can it not be good? (:

      Which new single are we talking about?

    2. Err, I can't think of the name right now! Grr, I hate this feeling. But it's about like kids who are bullied/feel alone. It's pretty cool.

  3. I always like Free To Be Me by Francesca Battestelli. I haven't heard about her in a while but I used to love her songs.
    Young and Beautiful and Once Upon A Dream by Lana Del Rey.
    I don't particularly like One Direction but Story of My Life isn't bad.
    My Immortal by Evanescence
    Wings by Little Mix

    I have a bunch more but I can't think of all of them right now.

    ~D. Skye <3

    1. By the way, congrats on winning July's contest! I really liked your entry.

      ~D. Skye <3

    2. Heheh, I'm a fan of One Direction, so I'm desperately trying to control the fangirl instincts. (:

      Thanks! I'm a little surprised I won!

    3. I have a friend who is obsessed with 1D and spending time with her means listening or talking about One Direction. They're starting to grow on me. I still don't really like them but Niall and Louis are adorable!

      ~D .Skye <3

    4. Haha, they do sorta grow on you after a while. That's what happened to me. Niall and Louis are my favorites. They're so cuddly and cute! (:


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