The Fictional Life Tag

Hello lovelies! I found a fun looking tag floating around the blogosphere, so I figured, hey, since this one deals with fictional worlds, friends, and other awesome nerdy stuff, I just gotta do it.



The Fictional Life Tag

1.What fictional world would you live in?
Middle Earth, the world that Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit take place in. I would absolutely love to explore the Shire, the forests, and everything in between. The scenery would just be amazing.

2. What fictional being would you be?

Going off of my LotR nerdiness, I'd say probably an elf. There's just something about them that radiates awesome. (Let's be real though. Elves in LotR are graceful and quick on their feet. Quite the opposite of myself, so I'm not sure how that would work.)

3. What fictional animal/creature would you keep as a pet?

I'm gonna go with a pegasus. Even though horses and I aren't exactly best buds, I think a pegasus and I would get along just fine. If not, I'm sure I could bribe him with carrots.

4. What fictional couple would be your Mom and Dad?

Halt and Lady Pauline from Ranger's Apprentice. Halt may be a little gruff, but he's lovable all the same and Lady Pauline's just really elegant and sweet.

5. What fictional characters would be your brothers and sisters?

Will from Ranger's Apprentice, O. Beetle Beetle from the Magyk series, and Eowyn from LotR.

6. Which fictional character would be your best friend?

Augustus Waters from The Fault in Our Stars. He's really sweet and hilarious, and I feel like I could talk to him for hours about random things. (For my sake, we'll just pretend that little plot twist didn't happen in TFioS so that he can still be my best friend.)

 7. Choose 3 fictional characters to be your close girl friends?

Ellie O'Neal from This is What Happy Looks Like, Jess from MDBC, and Luna from Harry Potter

8. Choose 3 fictional characters to be your close guy friends?

Leo Valdez from the Heroes of Olympus series, Graham Larkin from This is What Happy Looks Like, and Finnick Odair (shh, we'll just pretend that the plot twist involving him never happened, because I need him to be my friend) from the Hunger Games series.

9. What fictional character would be your girlfriend/boyfriend?

Oh boy, you should not give me this much power. I'm going to say Darcy Hawthorne from MDBC, because he's basically the definition of a perfect boyfriend, or Isaac from TFioS because he's funny and an all around good guy.

10. What author would pen your story?

I'm a massive fan of the books that Matt Myklusch wrote, and if the story I take place in is action-packed and awesome, then I want him to write my story, because the books he writes are intense and full of plot twists.


So there we go. This is my fictional life that I can only live in my dreams, but that's only a minor detail. Feel free to answer the questions in a comment or do the tag yourself!

That is all.



  1. 1.Either Middle Earth or Narnia
    2.A human or possibly a faerie
    3.A centaur or a pegasus
    4.Either the Murray's from A Wrinkle In Time or Mr and Mrs Delaney from MDBC
    5.Alyss from Rangers Apprentice, Kat and Gabrielle from Heist Society and Beckett and Myles Fowl from Artemis Fowl
    6. Eponine or Elizabeth Bennet
    7.America Singer from The Selection, Cinder from The Lunar Chronicles and Annabeth Chase from Percy Jackson
    8.Darcy Hawthorne, Sam Gamgee and Pippin Took
    9.Arghhh! Never ask that! Mr. Darcy, Aspen Leger from The Selection, Hale from Heist Society, Zach from Gallagher Girls, Gatsby from The Great Gatsby, Bennet from the Time Between Us series, the list goes on and on and on.
    10. All of them? C.S. Lewis or J.R.R. Tolkien

    Well that was fun. Thanks Seana!

    ~D. Skye <3

    1. I see you're a LotR fan! (: A nerd after my own heart.

    2. Best movies ever! Besides Narnia, Frozen and Inception of course.

      ~D. Skye <3

    3. Of course! And Harry Potter's gotta fit in there somewhere, yeah? (:

  2. Great post!

    Also, I just added you to my 'In my Blogosphere' sidebar link so people can find your blog easily from mine (: You're welcome!

    1. Ooh, yay! (: Thanks for letting me be a part of your blogosphere!


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