Oops, I Broke My Face

You know those days where you're feeling kinda sluggish and you just want to go take a nap and cuddle with a puppy? Well I had that yesterday. But unfortunately for me, I had to practice tennis for 2 hours after school, so that meant no puppy cuddling.

Normally tennis practice goes fine. I go in, whack a few balls, and then leave. But yesterday while playing against someone who had a particularly strong forehand volley shot, I got hit with a ball in the cheekbone/temple area on my face. And good grief, that felt weird. My face was numb for a while and my eyes started watering, which wasn't awesome either. So I'm standing there on the court trying not to start crying (because truthfully it didn't hurt that badly), and trying to focus on the game while I feel my face tingling.

So I don't know if getting a tennis ball to the face will reward me with a wicked battle scar, or if I'll just have this massive bruise on my face that looks like I ran into a wall. I'm voting for the battle scar. That would be ten times cooler.

Hope you all have been having a fabulous week so far and avoiding being hit in the face with flying objects!

That is all.



  1. Oh, Sea... I hope you get well soon. And yes, a scar would be better than a bruise. ;)

    ~Robyn H.


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