Oh, Look At That, I've Been Impaled

Since Disney's new movie Frozen came out and I finally got to see it, I can say that it's definitely one of the best Disney princess movies. I don't think it beat out Tangled for overall movie awesomeness, but it had some really amazing parts to it that made it one of my new favorites.

Reasons Frozen is super "cool" (haha, see that's pun-ny):

1.) Olaf
This little guy is just adorable. He's the goofy sidekick that all Disney movies require, and he adds a little bit of humor and a lot of memorable quotes.

2.) Elsa and Anna
*SPOILER (kind of)*
I loved how this movie showed that true love doesn't always have to just be a guy and girl. It can be the love for family. Love doesn't have to always be romance love, it can be wanting to fiercely protect someone you love and doing anything for them.

3.) Kristoff
He was one of my favorite characters in Frozen, and he really adds humor to it and shows that sometimes you just need to take the step and go for the thing (or in his case, person) you love.

4.) Elsa's Magical Ice Powers of Awesome
I know in the movie her powers are portrayed as a curse, but personally ice powers seem amazing. She can actually walk on water and just create anything she wants to out of ice in a split second. That's pretty awesome.

5.) Sven
Who doesn't love a good reindeer?

That is all.


  1. *Cough, cough* no mention of the loving person who donated one of their precious free movie passes to you and sat through it for the third time for you.... Jkjk
    I totally agree! I loved it all :)

    1. Haha, thanks so much for being willing to suffer the movie theater with me and awkwardly stay past the credits. That was a party.

    2. That was awkward, but watching the unique names roll by was fun haha.

    3. So true. The theater people were just awkwardly cleaning up around us.

    4. Yeah, they probably thought that that huge popcorn explosion that I didn't make was from me, aahaha.

    5. Haha, I don't know, maybe it was you. You probably got really into your popcorn and started scarfing it and making a mess. (:

  2. That looks like a good movie. I haven't seen it but my sister loves olaf. My mom bought her a stuffed one that moves around and talks when you press a button.

    1. That's so cool! I'd love a little stuffed Olaf. You should definitely see Frozen if you get the chance. (:


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