My LotR Obsession

I read the Lord of the Rings books sometime last year, and as hard as it was to plow through at some moments, it really is an amazing series. Tolkien is definitely an author who wrote books that will stand the test of time. They're books that anyone can enjoy.

And during Christmas break, I took the time to have my own little mini LotR movie marathon. It was pretty hardcore, and the movies were really good. I was a little confused at some points where they switched the order of events than it was in the book, but over all, it was done well.

The set was amazing. The castles, the landscapes, all of it was gorgeous and really brought me to Middle Earth. I loved the Shire and all of the hobbits who lived there. It was all just so perfect and I'm not gonna lie and say I didn't get emotional at some parts.

Gimli the dwarf is still one of my favorite characters. His lines are what bring some humor to the story, and he's just a really fun character. "That still only counts as one!" is one of his best lines. He and Legolas are definitely quite the duo.

I'll leave you with this picture in all its brilliance:


  1. I must confess I've... never... read... LOTR...
    I'm not sure why, exactly. I suppose I just never got around to it..? I definitely need to read it as soon as possible.

    Someday I need to meet all of my favorite bloggers, you included. Sigh.

    1. Haha, don't worry about it. I didn't get around to reading them until last year. Before that LotR just didn't interest me. Now it's one of my favorite series and I highly recommend it. Even if you can't get through it at first, put it down and wait a bit before trying again. That's what I did.

      I would love to meet a bunch of the people I've met through blogging. The only problem is the case of staying anonymous, but perhaps we could have a top secret internet folk meeting, eh? (:


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