Ways To Say Goodbye

Sometimes when you're saying farewell to someone, a simple "BYE!" will not do. So I bring you some much more creative ways to say goodbye.

1.) Goodbye
Sometimes it's best to go with what you know, right?

2.) Bye
Shorten it! That will show just how hipster you are.

3.) Adios
Break out your Spanish. That'll impress everyone.

4.) Wait....wait! DON'T GO, I LOVE YOU!
Profess your undying love. That'll definitely shake up their day.

5.) Ooooooooooooo
Make a noise like you're a ghost and then follow them around for a while after they leave to see if they notice.

6.) *trips*
You could always fall down.

Don't say anything. Just stare them down as they walk away.

8.) *waves*
A simple wave will do nicely in some cases.

9.) Hug them and cry.
If the goodbye is a tragic one where they're leaving for Barcelona for a few years, then this is an excellent option.

10.) Farewell, my companion! May your treacherous journey across the midlands be safe and may the bears not attack your camp! May the hair of your beard grow long and your hands be calloused from the work you will find! Good day!
Give them a goodbye that could fit in with the folk of Middle Earth and everyone living in medieval times. Nerds will enjoy it.

That is all.


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