A Fantastical World

Do you remember reading Harry Potter? Do you remember Narnia? Do you remember the world of hobbits, ringwraiths, and elves? These are fantasy worlds that most of us know well. But why do we love them so much? What makes them so special?

They're stories we can dissolve into. The worlds feel so real, it's like we can reach out and touch Aslan's mane, feel the heat of Mount Doom. It's the authors who work their magic. They paint a picture for us, and they also tell us things.

When you're a writer, you always hear the tip "Show, don't tell". But sometimes you have to tell instead of showing. We're writers, not painters. We can't just pick up our beret and paint everything. Sometimes a pencil will do.

So when you're describing a beautiful scene in your book, definitely tap into the senses of your readers. Create something that if you read your story for the first time could picture. But if you need to flat out spit something at your reader, then do it. Don't float around with useless imagery if a simple statement can do the job better.

Your fantastical world is yours. You might not be as good as Tolkien or Rowling or Lewis yet, but keep working. Someday you'll get there.

That is all.


  1. *sniff**dabs at eyes with a handkerchief* That was beautiful.

    ~Robyn Hoode

    1. *hands you another tissue* There, there, Robyn. (:

  2. I loved the "reach out and touch Aslan's main" line, I can almost feel it :) I thought you never read The Chronicales of Narnia though!

    1. That was my hope! (: I did read the first one, and I've been considering picking up the others sometime.


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