50 Followers Party!

I woke up this morning and I realized something. 50 lovely people follow my blog.

At first I was like:

And then I was like:

This is insane. I'm so excited that each and every one of you decided to follow my random shenanigans and whatnot. When I started my blog I never dreamed that I'd have 50 followers. I thought maybe I'd get 2 at the most.

We've reached the big five-oh, my friends! Thank you to everyone of you who follow, comment, and just hang out here. There's cake in the lobby if you'd like to come and celebrate The Totally Insane Writer's 50 Followers unofficial party. I hope you all stick around for plenty of insanity and randomness in the times to come!

(Keep in mind, we have cake, so sticking around has its benefits.)

That is all.

♡ Seana


  1. Congratulations!!:D
    I love your blog! And I hope to get a increase in number of my followers.. It's still 3..

    1. Thank you so much! (: Every brilliant blogger has to start somewhere, though! Just keep pushing onward!

    2. Your most welcome !:D
      I'll continue blogging..(;

    3. Huzzah! (: You'll have lots of followers before you know it.


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