I Am Afraid of My Toothbrush

Maybe not literally my toothbrush, but what it reminds me of.

In my Spanish class, we watched this video called La Dentista. It's essentially a song/video/cartoon about a girl who goes to the dentist. Normally this would sound like an amusing thing to watch on a Saturday afternoon just for kicks, but I am warning you right now do not watch it. I'm not kidding. Do not watch it. It is probably the creepiest thing that I have ever laid eyes on.

After watching that video, I was a little freaked out. The dentist was the most awful, horrible creature, and he now haunts the back of my mind. Wherever I go in my house I turn on all of the lights. If I'm leaving a room, I turn off the lights and sprint like a crazy person out of there.

I don't know why I'm so afraid of him. It's a cartoon. It's not real. The dentist guy is not going to jump out of the cupboards in my bathroom and attack me. But for some reason I have this paranoid fear in my head that he could be lurking in the corners where I don't see, stalking me in the middle of the night with his one eye sealed shut, cackling with his mouth empty of teeth.


Now when I brush my teeth I cringe and force myself to think happy thoughts as that video plagues me and starts pounding away at my head. It's horrible. I never want to see that video again as long as I live.

I'm warning you now, if someone asks you if you want to watch La Dentista, scream and run awkwardly away.

That is all.


  1. Oh.. I'm not going to watch it..for sure!

  2. Wait... was it meant to be creepy?


    1. I think part of it was meant to be humorous, which it was, but the rest was dreadful.

  3. In our Spanish class, we watch instructional videos featuring talking beans that live in a teacher's brain. This is my current excuse for not eating my vegetables.

    1. Hahaha, beans! We use beans as our way of competition between the Spanish classes. The class with the most beans at the end of the semester wins. Yay.


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